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Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 68


Area of Science: epimeiology/biology

Interim: Super Computing Report

Our Project
Our project this year is on epidemiology. We are trying to find out how fast different diseases in livestock spread, how fast they spread, how they can be prevented, and how they would affect you as the consumer. Some of the diseases we will be modeling are foot and mouth, anthrax, and mad cow. These diseases would have a devastating affect on our economy if an out break did occur. Living in New Mexico we are especially vulnerable, because we import vast amounts of livestock from Mexico. Even though precautions are taken some of the diseases are unnoticeable for a period of time and could be spread throughout a large area of the southwest before it is identified.

How to Solve the Problem
We plan to model our problem with the computer language Star Logo. We will have infected and healthy breeds interacting and the variables will be added as we go along to simplify any problems that might arise.

We have collected information on the three diseases, and have learned the variables of the diseases that would affect our computer modeling. We have tested a simple model on Star Logo, but healthy livestock would infect healthy live stock. We have not made another model of it since.

We expect to find out how the diseases spread, and how to stop them. We would also like to find the best strategy to stop the spread of different diseases. This project has an unlimited area of research and has many possibilities especially since the diseases that we continue to battle are always adapting to the vaccine and antibiotics that we are treating them with.

Team Number: 68

Team Members:
Richard Rush
Kyle Jacobs
Kayla Thompson

Sponsoring Teacher:
Alan Daugherty

Team Members:

  Richard Rush
  Kyle Jacobs
  Kayla Thompson

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Raulie

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