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Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 69


Area of Science: animal science

Interim: The problem we are studying is the spread of Africanized bees. We have done research that involves much of the inernet.We are still looking for books to find research. We have figured out that Africanized bees attack in large group and also attack in larges groups. They are not born Africanized but yet have to be effected to it. Though if the parent is Africanized they are more prone to being Africanized early. This make Africanized hives more deadly in a since. Though the hives have to be disturbed in a since to attack they are extremely dangerous to surrounding areas. It is also best to call people to remove the hive instead of doing it yourself.
Important information we have found has been a big facture in devolving this project. Though one watching videos on the internet we have observed that not just one bee can kill a person unless the person is highly allergic to bee stings. Because of this the myth of how one bee can kill a non-allergic person is un-true. Though not all attacks kill.
To further our project we are going to research more thourally and get more data and charts. We also need to figure out the average size of a fully Africanized hive. Because we need to do this we do not know how big the hive is the data is referring to.
The problem we have in countered are that our team is not able to meet a lot so finding time to research together and doing things that involve the project is nearly impossible. We have also found the problem of incomplete data. Finding useful data is also equally impossibly. Though finding proper charts, graphs, est. has been somewhat difficult. We have not run into many problems but the ones we have in countered are of fairly good size. This makes our project very hard to do during the holiday season.

-Kye Skelton, Kendra Jacobs, Elizabeth Green

Team Members:

  Kendra Jacobs
  Kye Skelton
  Elizabeth Green

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Raulie

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