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Supercomputing Challenge

Code Diabetes

Team: 70


Area of Science: Medical and Health

Interim: Problem Definiton:
Our problem has to deal with diabetes on the Navajo Reservation. Each year the number of Navajo people who are diagnosed with diabetes is increasing greatly. As of now there are people sprading awareness abour diabetes, but for some people it is too late. Our main purpose of our project is to find out how long it will take genetically for a population of 5000 people to be diagnosed with diabetes if it starts with one family that had a certain number of children and x number of them had diabetes.

Problem Solution:
On Star Logo we have created a model to demonstrate how long it will take the whole community of 5000 people to get diabetes. In Star logo we started with one turtle and then as the years passed it will tell how many people will get the disease as time passes by. During that time the turtle will be breeding and when this happens the new turtles should either be full diabetic, half diabetic, a quarter diabetic, or have no trace of diabetes at all. If a turtle gets diagnosed with diabetes they will turn a certain color and Starlogo will show whether they are male or female. After time passes it will show when the whole community has been diagnosed with diabetes.

Progress to Date:
At this time we are continuing our research on diabetes. We will continue to visit local hospitals and clinics regarding all aspects of diabetes. We are going to find out more information about whether diabetes can be passed on to offspring genetically. We are also experimenting with our model on Starlogo and are fixing any problems we had with the model. We are also keeping in contact with the Northern Navajo Medical Center in Shiprock, NM.

Team Members:

  Shanoah Lee
  Kendrea Begaye
  Letisha Yazzie
  Danielle Charley

Sponsoring Teacher: Mavis Yazzie

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