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Supercomputing Challenge

Air Flow

Team: 75


Area of Science: Thermodynamic engineering

Interim: Problem Definition:
The goal of this project is to create a system that enables the computer to calcuate how long it will take to cool a given size room, 20'x20'x10', using a 12" box fan. The system will then calculate the speed and work the box fan will have to use to cool the room. It will use the gas law equations, specific heat equation, and gravity heat. These factors will control the system, it will then calculate an estimated time it will take to cool the room. Measuring the water evaportaion and understanding the concepts of air flow, and thermodynamics will make this project easier.

Problem solution:
Models that will be made for compariston will be different types of cooling systems that will be tested, on the speed of cooling. The box fan our team has choosen is a 12" box fan. This box fan will be tested against the winning cooling system. Then the box fan will be compared to a natural model, a tree. The tree will be a guide for our team. A tree has its own way of cooling, naturally.
Our team will use the quation(s) to calculate how much air is with in the given size room, 20x'20x'x10'. Then it will be calculating the time and energy it will take to cool the room. The 12" box fan will be tested on the accuracy of cooling the given size room. Cooling air systems use BTU= 1BTU/1 lbF so will convert 1J/gK to BTU. This will be sure to compare to the energy that will be used to cool the room using the 12" box fan. But many factors are involved, such as the building design.

Progress to Date:
Our team has so far started on the equations to calcuate the air in the given size room, 20'x20'x10', by calculating the volume and the air at amp pressure. It is too cold to build on the 12" box fan now, but we are using models. We have started our research on how tress cool themselves. The testing between the cooling systems was started at the beginning of the school year, and the swamp cooler was choosen. The swamp cooler was picked because is in not too expensive and it did the job, cooling. The conversion of the equations is just beginning. Our team has also been looking up information on cooling and swamp coolers. Also the many techniques that could be used to cool the given size room.
Expected Results:
Our expectations for the 12"box fan is to out cool a normal size cooling system at a faster pace. This box fan will be a portable cooler that will be used only during the hot weather. We expect the system to make accurte estimates on the time it will take, and the energy it will use. Our team decided to add a twist, instead of using so much energy to cool the room, why not use natural resources. The sun is our first idea, use solar panels. This is good because air polluntion will not be a factor.

mentor- roger-(
teacher- betty strong

Team Members:

  Myron Benally
  Jasmine Henio
  Rueven Jim
  steven tallas

Sponsoring Teacher: Mavis Yazzie

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