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Supercomputing Challenge

A cleaner life

Team: 77


Area of Science: Enviornmental Science

Interim: Problem
On the Navajo Reservation, water has always been a major source of life; however, this water has not always been completely sanitary. Unsanitary water can result in diseases such as: Shigella, (fecal-oral contamination) a potentially dangerous case of diarrhea, Escherichia Coli (E. coli) and other dangerous waterborne diseases. In our project we will attempt to, using computers and programming, find the best way to sanitize dirty water. If effective, this could potentially turn into a community well-ness effort for the different chapters among the Navajo Nation.
Solving the problem
To solve this problem we will have research the chemicals that have been found on the Navajo Reservation and find the counter chemicals to neutralize the pollutants. To be able to use the Starlogo programming we will be required to many hours of practice and failure to become acquainted with the program. To find the fastest and most cost effective way to clean dirty water
We have found that there is not just one or two major pollutant the have been recorded on the Navajo reservation, but there have been many. The pollutants found on the Reservation range from the most common, Sulfur, to the perhaps the most deadly of the batch, Uranium. To give a good sight on what will happen with this project, we will have to calculate the outcome for both of these pollutants.
We expect to establish some sort of time-line for the sanitation of the water and will be able to predict amounts of clean potable water for each consignment. With these results, we plan to utilize this knowledge to help the Navajo people on the Reservation by hopefully establishing some sort of program for cleaner water.

Team Members:

  Larrick Chee
  Antonina Dee

Sponsoring Teacher: Mavis Yazzie

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