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Supercomputing Challenge

The Human Bone

Team: 86


Area of Science: Human Anatomy

Interim: • The definition of the problem In this project we will be displaying the growth of a healthy human bone compared to a bone with osteoporosis. The problem is the affects of osteoclasts (the cell which nibbles the old part of the bone away) and osteoblasts (the cell that replaces the nibbled bone with new bone) on the human bone. • Your plan for solving the problem computationally The problem we are trying to solve is to make an accurate computer simulation of the growth of the human bone. In order to figure out if our simulation is pretty accurate, we would have to compare our data to that of real human bone data collected by professionals. • A description of the progress you have made up to this time We have completely made the simulation for a healthy human bone. We are still working on the simulation of the bone affected by a disease known as osteoporosis. Also we are still trying to develop way to show progression through time and age. • The results you expect to get We are expecting to find out if our computer simulation is accurate compared to the real life affects of osteoblasts and osteoclasts. We are going to do this by comparing our data to the data collected by doctors. • And at leave five citations of information you have referenced "Osteoclasts." Osteoclasts. 7 Sept. 2006 . "Biomechanics Lecture Outline." Biomechanics Lecture Outline. 7 Sept. 2006 . "Osteoblasts." 7 Sept. 2006 ."Activation of Bone Remodeling." Activation of Bone Remodeling. 2004. Hruska KA et al 2004. 7 Sept. 2006 . "The Mechanism of Bone Regeneration." MBP, the All-Natural Power of Milk. Snow Brand milk products. 7 Sept. 2006 .

Team Members:

  Bryn Barley
  Andreanna Borrego-Lewis

Sponsoring Teacher: Janet Penevolpe

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