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Supercomputing Challenge


Team: 88


Area of Science: environmental

Interim: • Which metals withstand the acidic rain better than the others? And which materials should be used in building of safer buildings? The results will help in the decision of what metal is the best to use in the areas where acid rain is a major problem. These results will also help reduce the destruction of buildings planes and cars. • To solve the problem computationally we need to model what metal digitigrades faster using the formula. Since that is still not completely computational then we use all the costs of the metals to see which is the better value once that is done we assess which metals are safest. • Star logo is the agent based model that will be used .Some of the program has been written some research still must be done and informational windows sliders and buttons still need to be added but there is a lot of progress up to this date. the turtles move as rain does (so basically they run down) they stamp the patches black when they pass over and they are told to die three windows have been added to count the number of patches in each metal piece a slider to determine the acidity of the rain the program will determine how long to run the program to model approximately four decades the plot models the patches dissolved in the time it takes. The depth dissolved /time still has to be added and determined. • We expect that the rain will disintegrate the copper fastest because copper is not very often used and a very malleable and weak metal. iron will not go as fast as the copper but it still will go fast steel is most likely to survive the longest in the four decade span because the metal is a hefty and strong metal we also expect to achieve a better understanding of the effects of acid rain and the devastating reasons it happens • Five citations of information we have referenced. "Acid Rain and .... the Facts." The Green Lane. 29 Mar. 2005. Canada. 14 Sept. 2006 . "Acid Rain Backgrounder." 1994. 14 Sept. 2006 . Bureau Report. "One Third of China, Victims of Acid Rain." Zee News. 2006. Zee News. 14 Sept. 2006 . Holding, B. V. "Water Treatment & Air Purification." Lenntec. 2005. Lenntec. 14 Sept. 2006 . Nesbitt, Weston. "Effect of Acid Rain." Merritton. Merritton. 14 Sept. 2006 .

Team Members:

  Tabatha Chavez
  Natasha Adelmann

Sponsoring Teacher: Janet Penevolpe

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