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Supercomputing Challenge

Project Title: How are the 19 Pueblos Affected by

Team: 96


Area of Science: Area of Science: Environmental Science

Interim: School Name: Santa Fe Indian School

Throughout the years, the Native American Pueblo people of New Mexico have been living their natural lifestyles on the desert land. They learned to cope with their surrounding environment to survive. As the years have passed, the climate has been changing due to the increase of the modern society, such as the growth rate in population that has lead to industries to provide jobs and the needs for people. Industries then lead to pollution, which presently give off green house gases such as carbon dioxide.

The idea of this project is to design a computer model using a mathematical equation, which views the routes and changes of the climate, and the impacts it has on the communities within New Mexico. In order to find a solution to a problem, procedures need to be followed. By putting together known data from the past and current changes that the pueblos have faced, we will be able to develop a mathematical equation, to demonstrate the rainfall, snowfall, wind speed, and the quantity and quality of the changing climate. We will also look at how pollution affects mother earth that can also lead to economic issues.

We have done research in the geological settings, by observing the sediment, taking soil samples, reading the pH scales on the banks of the river channels, and recording the tested results of the different elements and range in which the soil lies in.
We have spoken to individuals who provided information on the fundamentals of global warming, we were able to get an idea how I can collect data and change the functions of the climate into a mathematical equation to create a model.
We are in the process of learning how to create awareness in local communities to protect the environment.

By doing this project, We hope to not only work with one mathematical equation, but with many. With more that one mathematical model, it is my hope to identify how the future affects the climate change using a model on how the climate works, and how we can present and relate it into the future. The question that drives this project is, how can Native Americans that make up less than 1% of the worlds population, create a positive impact on the global warming issue?

Cited Sources:

Mark Ericson – CBEM Dept. – Santa Fe Indian School Environmental Science Teacher

Team Members:

  Daniel Pedro
  Eveli Abeyta

Sponsoring Teacher: Mary Neikirk

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