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Supercomputing Challenge

The Solar Energy Containment Plant

Team: 105


Area of Science: Engineering

Proposal: The problem is to build a solar energy containment system that would power our city of Socorro night or day. I plan to build an effective model that will show how the solar panels get the energy and change the photons to electrons and I will also formulate a formula that would tell the amount of energy captured per square inch of solar panel and how many protons it has converted into electrons. My project is important because it is the first step in a new and much cleaner energy source which I can use to power our industrial cities without the pollution and the unnecessary waste of our power plants.

Solar energy will work without the unneeded smoke or other wastes we use to power our cities. My solar energy containment system plant will be the first step in making the world a more and comfortable place to live. I plan to gather information until I have reached a point when I know enough information on solar panels to begin constructing my plant using StarLogo or another programming tool. I will construct the plant then take you through a virtual tour that will show the solar energy being captured, converted to electrons, then flowing freely toward our houses and schools. I hope to find an effective way to power Socorro using only solar energy and that it will be effective in our society.

Team Members:

  Malcolm Montgomery

Sponsoring Teacher: Bala Settu

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