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Supercomputing Challenge

AC/DC: Powering a Lunar Base.

Team: 61


Area of Science: Electrical Engineering

Proposal: At our teacher’s suggestion, our team has decided to take on an unfinished project from last year. We are going to write a program that simulates the electrical schematics needed to provide power to a lunar base. Not only will we have to supply electricity, but also store it in batteries so our lunar base can be powered during times we are unable to collect electricity. While writing the program we will need to use electrical formulas to simulate our lunar base.
We will use such formulas as Ohm’s Law and Kirchoff’s Laws. First we will set the program to simulate a two room base and then change it to a four room base.

At this point in time we are currently looking for a mentor to help us with the electrical formulas and schematics for a lunar base.

Some of the major issues to be considered are: effect on solar cell with no atmosphere; How solar panels are used on the International Space Station; How to insulate the base to accommodate extremely high temperatures during the day and extremely low temperatures during the night; How to connect the walls and run the wires through the panels; Total kilowatts needed to run during day and night; Longevity of solar panels.

Scenarios: solar storms, day-to-day, low usage, over usage, room additions, damages, optimal electrical schematic, transition from day to night.

Team Members:

  Robert Perea
  Eric Kimberly
  Corey Pounds

Sponsoring Teacher: Stephen Schum

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