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Supercomputing Challenge

Avian Bird Flu

Team: 85


Area of Science: epidemiology

Proposal: Avian Bird Flu

We are working on modeling Avian Bird Flu in our food and possible epidemic in humans. The Avian Bird Flu is a virus that is caused by domesticated birds who come into contact with other birds that have the virus. The virus is transmitted because all birds have the Avian Bird Flu in their intestines, saliva, nasal secretions, and feces. When other birds come into contact with the feces or saliva they are infected with the virus and become very sick. There are two types of the virus. Low pathogenic is the virus that is undetected and causes mild symptoms of ruffled feathers or drop in egg production. The highly pathogenic causes a whole flock to become very sick and die because of internal organs infected with the virus. It is important to keep track of this virus because it could become the next plague. Subtypes of the virus can lead to an infection of the virus. The Human Influenza Virus (H1N1, H1N2 and the H3N2) are the subtypes that can infect and kill humans because of its origination from the Avian Bird Flu. Since we live in a contact society, there’s more of a chance to contract the virus because it’s more infections by contact and interaction. We plan to have a computer model of the Avian Bird Flu modeling both healthy and sick birds, as well as humans, interacting with each other. In the model we plan to have infinite trials on both species and watch the population over time. The sick birds will come into contact with the humans and the healthy birds. This may in turn create the more diseased humans and birds. A global model of the infection growing in the United States will also be made. In Starlogo we will have both of the species in random areas, making it more accurate.

Team Members:

  Matthew Conover
  Robert Marlow
  Jacquelyn Holguin

Sponsoring Teacher: Janet Penevolpe

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