Supercomputing Challenge

Sandia Tour, Monday, March 19, 2007

The tour participants

About 60 students and teachers from 11 schools participated in a tour of Sandia National Laboratories.

Meeting Place

We will meet at the Holiday Inn Express in Albuquerque located on Hotel Avenue. Hotel Avenue is just south of Lomas (between Lomas and I-40) and East of Eubank. The address is: 10330 Hotel Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87123-1256. The phone number is 505-275-8900.

Meeting Time

We will meet at 8:00 am and should be back at the hotel around 3:30 pm.


8:30 Leave hotel for building 858EL, room 2000
9:00 Bill Spotz--Climate Modeling
10:00 Mark Boslough--Asteroid Impact Simulations
11:00 Paul Taylor--Modeling Traumatic Brain Injury
11:45 Video about Red Storm
12:00 lunch at Area 5, 960-100B, just south of the Cafeteria
12:45 board bus for Tech Area
1:00 Tours of Hermes and Saturn--POC: Ken Mikkelson
3:15 Departure for hotel
3:30 Return to hotel


Sandia National Labs will host a tour day for participants in the Supercomputing Challenge on Monday March 19th, 2007. Students are eligible to come to the tour day if their team has submitted an interim report and participated in the regional judging. Participants MUST be US citizens.

Space is limited to 50 Challenge participants and registration will be on a first come first served basis. There is financial support available for lodging for those schools traveling long distances (so they can spend the night on Sunday). We will meet off-base and be bused on base with Sandia Lab transportation. We will meet at 8:30 AM (We will let you know of the location in a later email). The agenda is still in flux so we are not yet sure what time we will be finished. We are shooting for about 3:00 PM. Lunch will be provided.

Please coordinate your participation through your sponsoring teacher so there is one registration form per school.

The following information is needed for every participant:
Date of Birth
Team Number
School Name
School Address

A Social Security Number is necessary to get visitor badges for access to Sandia National Labs Technical Areas; however, the Challenge will provide Sandia with your Social Security Number. If you did not provide your Social Security Number to the Challenge during registration, you will need to make arrangements to get that information to us. Also the Challenge will provide digital pictures of all participants as taken at the kick-off event in October. Having a picture expedites the processing of badges. Those without digital pictures on file will need to supply pictures (JPEG) or have them taken at the Sandia badge office.

It is ESSENTIAL that all participants wishing to go on the tour bring a photo ID to be admitted to Kirtland Air Force base and be badged by Sandia National Labs.

Please only make a reservation if you will be able to attend as space is limited. Please make your reservation by March 1, 2007 to allow enough time for processing information at Sandia's badge office. Email the registration information to

See what last year's Sandia Tour was like.

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