Supercomputing Challenge

Summer Teacher Institute Pictures

Day one, making a message passing network:

The building of a concept map:

Working in the computer lab:

Karen shows off her t-shirt.

Celia and David taking care of details on the back row.

Nick getting ready for his next presentation.

Drew getting ready for his presentation.

Past participants share advice.

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich robot (how to write an algorithm).

Hal's StarLogo The Next Generation (TNG) class.

Cleve Moler gives a quick overview of MatLab.

Relaxing evening at Betsy's home.

Stephen Guerin of the RedFish group gave a lecture on agent based modeling.

Practicing for the team's presentation.

CNM's president, Kathie Winograd, stopped by to visit and brought a cool treat.

Alexis discusses evaluation.

End of week get together at Karen's.

Hal and TNG's Mario.

Dale discussing plotting.

Willard, who drove all the way from Tennessee to help out.

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