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Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM
February 2, 2008 
Host: Fran Nawrocki

Location: rooms 310, 316, 317, 318, 319 and 320

  Sharon Deland               Tom Laub 
  Bob Robey                   Eleanor Walther 
  Cheri Burch                 Chuck Burch 
  Louise Mendius              Tom Johnson  

Room 316, Sharon
 9:00  GUTS facilitators
10:00  GUTS group 1
11:00         Team 39 Espanola Valley, A Safer Vehicle NO SHOW

Room 317, Bob
 9:00  GUTS facilitators
10:00  GUTS group 2
11:30  Team 85 Santa Fe Indian School, Scan of the Past: Reintroduction/ Completion

Room 318, Cheri, Tom J.
 9:00  GUTS facilitators
10:00  GUTS group 3
11:00  Team XX 
12:00  Team 89 Santa Fe Prep, Separation of Post-Production Mixed Audio Sources NO SHOW

Room 319, Louise
 9:00  GUTS facilitators
10:00  GUTS group 4
11:30  Team 87 Santa Fe Indian School, DIfferent changes of roadrunners

Room 320, Tom L., Eleanor, Chuck
 9:00  GUTS facilitators
10:00  GUTS group 5
11:00  Team 61 Los Alamos Mid, Turn up the Heat: Energy Eff. by Smart Wall Design

Room 310, Tom L., Eleanor, Chuck
10:30  Team 63 McCurdy High, Sparking It: Electric and Magnetic Fields
11:30  Team 96 Los Alamos Mid, Diversity: The Way It Works Today

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM February 2, 2008 Host: Shaun Cooper Location: Computer Center Building, room 201 Judges: Larry Landis Drew Einhorn 8:00 Team 51 Las Cruces High, An Analysis of Nerve Signals sent to the Brain 8:40 Team 52 Las Cruces High, Mathematical Morphology in Gene Expression February 13th via video conference 3:30 Team X Chaparral Mid GUTS team
UNM-Los Alamos Host: Cindy Rooney Location: Building 2, Lecture Hall February 5, 2008 Judges: Louise Mendius Michael Begnaud Jian-Zhou Zhu 7:00 Team 55 Los Alamos High, Polar Bear Demographics 7:30 Team 59 Los Alamos Mid, Otters and their effect on Riverine Ecosystems 8:00 Team 15 Aspen Elem, Cryptrography Study 8:30 Team 54 Los Alamos High, The Wal-Mart Effect February 12, 2008 Judges: Bob Walker Jian-Zhou Zhu 7:00 Team 60 Los Alamos Mid, Owl, Rat, and Grass Chain of Life 7:30 Team 16 Barranca Elementary, Global Warning! 8:00 Team 17 Barranca Elementary, When Yawning Attacks... Will You Be Ready? 8:30 Team 19 Barranca Elementary, Oil Spill Effects on Marine Life
San Juan College, Farmington, NM February 8, 2008 Host: Paull Holmes Location: Business Occupations wing, rooms 1214 and 1216 Judges: Sharon Deland Paull Holmes Debbie Limback Levi Valdez Room 9:00 Team 40 Farmington High, Farmington Bomb Escape Simulator 9:30 Team 73 Navajo Prep, limits 10:00 Team 74 Navajo Prep, Mechanical Exploration 10:30 Team 75 Navajo Prep, communication 11:00 Team 25 Bloomfield High, MRSA 11:30 Team 26 Bloomfield High, The Energy of Skateboarding
Eastern New Mexico University, Portales NM February 16, 2008 Host: Ron.Obenhaus@enmu.edu Location: University Computer Center, room UCC 205 Judges: Dr. Young Cho Bobby Mason Dr. Anthony Schroeder 9:00 Team 64 Melrose High, Maximizing the Utility of a Lake Ecology 9:30 Team 65 Melrose High, Cattle pens 10:00 Team 66 Melrose High, How to stop Rumors 10:30 Team 67 Melrose High, BZZZZ! The Sequel 11:00 Team 68 Melrose High, Oryx Population 11:30 Team 69 Melrose High, Prairie Dogs
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM February 16, 2008 Host: Mike Topliff Location: Speare Building, rooms 23 and 116 Judges: Dorothy Ashmore Nick Bennett Tom Laub William Laub Lorie Liebrock 9:00 Team 90 Socorro High, The Unbeatable Speed Limit 9:30 Team 91 Socorro High, Modeling Explosives 10:00 Team 10 Artesia High, Emergency Egress 10:30 Team 11 Artesia High, Hardwired Curiosity 11:00 Team 12 Artesia High, Moon Accretion Theory 11:30 Team 13 Artesia High, Chaos Theory and the Evolution of Traffic Law 12:00 Team 14 Artesia High, Impact Crater
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM February 23, 2008 Host: Stephanie Grant Location: High Performance Computing, rooms 1106 and 1109 Judges room 1106 Judges room 1109 Max Lazo Victor Kuhns Jody Hesch Michael Trahan Rebecca Ashton Mike Davis Salvador Rodriguez Dennis Dinge Shannon Wamre (am only) Alicia Littlewolf (am only) Room 1106 9:00 Team 2 Albuquerque Academy, Nanoscale Self-Assembly and Pattern Formation 9:30 Team 4 Albuquerque Academy, Lunar Effects on Earth 10:00 Team 6 Albuquerque Academy, Leaf Vein Formation 10:30 Team 8 Albuquerque Academy, Rolling Star 11:00 Team XX 11:30 Team 30 Bosque School, Cash Flow 12:00 Lunch break for judges 12:30 Team 46 Jackson Mid, Cyclicanes 1:00 Team 47 Jackson Mid, alternative fuels 1:30 Team 77 Rio Rancho High, Airborne Diseases NO SHOW 2:00 Team 78 Rio Rancho High, Project Wolf-Reintroduction NO SHOW 2:30 Team 80 Rio Rancho High, Stuck in traffic 3:00 Team 56 Los Alamos High, Modeling Spacecraft Reentry Room 1109 9:00 Team XX 9:30 Team 7 Albuquerque Academy, Modernizing the U.S. Air Traffic Control System 10:00 Team 81 Rio Rancho Mid-High, Modeling the NASA Dawn ion propulsion spacecraft 10:30 Team 27 Bosque School, Modeling Infection and Treatment Rates for Malaria 11:00 Team 29 Bosque School, Optimizing the Efficiency of Rocket Engines NO SHOW 11:30 Team 41 Freedom High, how to beat the heat 12:00 Lunch break for judges 12:30 Team 42 Freedom High, cosmic shooting gallery 1:00 Team 48 Jackson Mid, Prescription V.S. Home Remedies 1:30 Team 82 Sandia Prep, Comparing Numeric Integration Methods 2:00 Team 83 Sandia Prep, Orbits 2:30 Team 84 Sandia Prep, Spread of Flu and Effective contaiment methods 3:00 Team 53 Los Alamos High, Human Traffic Flow
Albuquerque Academy February 28, 2008 Host: Jim Mims Location: Science building, room 212 Judges: Drew Einhorn Max Lazo Eleanor Walther 5:00 Team 3 Albuquerque Academy, Hydrodynamic Modeling 5:30 Team 5 Albuquerque Academy, Modeling an Ecosystem 6:00 Team 49 St Pius/La Cueva, Characterizing Movement Through a Medium
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