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Glorieta Kickoff Conference

The Kickoff Conference at the Glorieta Conference Center will be held on October 21-23. Glorieta is located at exit 299 on I-25, 18 miles north of Santa Fe.

Two sessions will be held. Schools that are farther than one hundred miles from Glorieta will attend the first session on October 21 and 22, while the schools within one hundred miles attend the second session on October 22 and 23. For each student and teacher attending Glorieta, room and board will be provided for by the Supercomputing Challenge.

Keynote speakers

Marisol Gamboa participated in the 1992-93 and 1993-94 Supercomputing Challenges while at Hatch High School. She was a recipient of the 4-year Amy Boulanger scholarship. Marisol received her BS degree in Computer Science in 1998 from the University of New Mexico. Upon graduation, she began working as a Software Engineer for IBM Almaden Research Center. Marisol joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 2002, on assignment to the National Ignition Facility where she developed distributed control system user interfaces. She is currently a Senior Computer Scientist and Technical Lead for Global Security in the Counterproliferation Analysis Section. She is responsible for the design and implementation of software capable of supporting the rapid integration of analytical technologies for processing unstructured messages in a high-performance computer environment.

Stephen Guerin is currently President of Redfish Group, a research consultancy based in Santa Fe, New Mexico applying the emerging science of Complex Adaptive Systems. His work centers on visualization, modeling and the design of self-organizing systems.

Recent projects include crowd stadium evacuation modeling for Homeland Security, Project Portfolio Visualization for Eli Lilly and canal boat traffic agent-based modeling for the City of Venice. Recent local projects include modeling crowd dynamics at Zozobra and wildfire evacuation dynamics for the City of Santa Fe.

Stephen recently served on the National Science Foundation's Human & Social Dynamics Grant Review Committee and lectures on agent-based modeling and visualization as a faculty member of Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School.

Between 2000 and 2002, Stephen worked as a Senior Software Developer at BiosGroup and participated as a member of Stuart Kauffman's research group. Stephen Guerin started researching chaotic systems as they applied to economic systems and business cycles in 1989. He founded Redfish Group in 1991 to provide special effects animation, video editing and commercial printing. Operations were shifted to Beijing in 1994 to develop a series of Chinese language translation tools. Redfish Group went on to provide Internet programming and consulting to multinational and Chinese firms with presences in Beijing and Shanghai. After returning from China in 1997, Stephen spent a few years of research in Cognitive Science looking for applications to distributed software systems. Redfish Group's long-term mission is to create living software systems.

Stephen lives in Santa Fe with his wife Alison and two young sons.


The Glorieta schedule and the Glorieta Standards while at Glorieta, and a map of Glorieta, or see the highlighted map showing the areas at Glorieta that we will be using.

Here are the detailed schedules for the session one and session two.


Here is the Session 1 housing list.

Here is the Session 2 housing list.


Remember that you need to bring an Proposal with you to the kickoff. See Proposal hints. A Proposal template is to be filled out for each team, unless they are following the GUTS curriculum.

Be sure you have registered for the Supercomputing Challenge.

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See some pictures taken at the Kickoff Conference.

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