New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair results

Congratulations to New Mexico students participating at ISEF!

General and special awards for New Mexico students using Challenge projects

  • "A Novel Approach to Asteroid Identification Using Image Processing of Existing Data" - ISEF First Award & Best in Category Award, Team Projects; Florida Institute of Technology $50K Scholarship
    • Erika Alden DeBenedictis, Albuquerque Academy
    • Haochen Hong, La Cueva High School
    • Duanni Huang, La Cueva High School
  • "Magnetosphere Particle Interaction" - ISEF Second Award, Team Projects
    • Brandon Tyler Ramirez, McCurdy High School
    • Francisco Martin Vigil, McCurdy High School
    • Dennis Paul Trujillo, McCurdy High School

General and special awards for New Mexico students using non-Challenge projects

  • "The Underground Radio II" - ISEF First Award & Best in Category Award, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering; International Council on Systems Engineering, First Award; Patent & Trademark Office Society, Grand Award; Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Distinguished Achievement Award
    • Alexander Kent Kendrick, Los Alamos High School
  • "Determining the Orbital Elements of Minor Planet 23265" - ISEF Second Award, Physics & Astronomy; Pacific and the American Astronomical Society, Priscilla and Bart Bok Second Award
    • Caroline Julia von Wurden, Los Alamos High School
  • "On G-Difference: A Property of Permutations and Words" - ISEF Second Award, Mathematical Sciences
    • Kristin Rose Cordwell, Manzano High School
  • "Design and Use of an Impact Response Device to Assess Structural Integrity" - ISEF Fourth Award, Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering; Air Force Research Laboratory, Second Award
    • Devin John Roach, Saint Pius X High School
  • "ULF Communications: Reaching the Surface" - ISEF Fourth Award, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
    • Sophie Marie Swingle, McCurdy High School
  • "Is Autism Both a Genetic and Environmental Disorder?", ISEF Fourth Award, Biochemistry
    • Alexander Scott Caldwell, Saint Pius X High School
  • "Utilizing the Other 99% of America's Wind Energy" - International Council on Systems Engineering, Honorable Mention; Sierra Nevada College, Genius Scholarship
    • James Lee Clark, Mayfield High School (Las Cruces, NM)

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