New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Final Reports

The submission deadline for your final report will NOON on April 1st, 2009.

See the Final Report Guidelines for specific information.

More Resources for New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge authors are available at the Writing Reports section of the Resouces web page.

     If you've submitted a final report, make sure you confirm your housing arrangements for the Expo/Awards Ceremony in Los Alamos.


Written Reports Submitted:

Aguilar Junior/Senior High

Albuquerque Academy

Albuquerque Institute for Math and Science

Artesia High

Aspen Elementary

Barranca Mesa Elementary

Bloomfield High

Bosque School

Desert Academy

Freedom High

Hope Christian School

La Cueva High

Los Alamos High

Los Alamos Middle

Manzano High

McCurdy High

Melrose High

Monte del Sol & Capshaw

Navajo Preparatory School

Northern New Mexico College

Nuestros Valores Charter School

Rio Rancho Mid-High

Sandia Prep

Santa Fe High

Silver High

Web-based Final Reports Submitted:

14 Whirlpools, not just another flush of the toilet

23 Efficient Disease Control Responses

24 The Perfect Free-Throw

45 Get on the Bus ------ Simple or Not?

52 Get with the Flow, Man! A study of the thermodynamics of civil engineering

98 Modeling the Sun-Earth-Moon System

105 Universally Accessible Distributed Computing on Public, Heterogeneous Networks, Applied to the Search for Mersenne Primes

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