New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Project Evaluation Schedule

The schedules are subject to change so please check back during the week of your evaluation for last minute changes.

Contact Consult if you have difficulty with your assigned time or location.

Silver High School
February 11 
Host: Peggy Larisch 
Location: Room 920

  Jon Brown 
  Brit Hill 
  Sara Babb 
  Brian Bruessel 

11:00-12:00 Lunch
12:00  Team 119 Silver High, Airplane Epidemiology
12:30  Team 107 Quemado High, First Impression
 1:00  Team 108 Quemado High, Can You Hear Me Now
 1:30  Team 109 Quemado High, Oceanic Oil Spill

San Juan College, Farmington, NM February 12 Host: Shelley Amator Location: Information Technology Center, room 7219 Judges: Debbie Limback Shawn Shay Shelley Amator 9:00 Team 20 Bloomfield High, Psuedo-Virus 9:30 Team 21 Bloomfield High, Spanish Influenza 10:00 Team 102 Navajo Prep, Colony Collapse Disorder 10:30 Team 103 Navajo Prep, Ozone layer 11:00 Team 125 Tibbetts Middle School, Recycle This!
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM February 13 Host: Shaun Cooper Location: Computer Center Building, room 201 Judges: Nicholas Kutac Miguel Favela Larry Landis 9:30 Team 32 Deming High, BEST Robotics Simulator 10:00 Team 33 Deming High, Tortuga (Turtle) Survey Method 10:30 Team 35 Deming High, Zombie Virus Rewrite 11:00 Team 51 Hatch Valley High, Modeling the Production of Green Chile 11:30 Team 110 Red Mountain Mid, Marble Roller Coaster X:XX Team 4 Alamogordo High, Up in Flames Canceled
Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM February 13 Host: Fran Nawrocki Location: rooms 304, 310, 316, 317, 318 and 320 Room 316, Judges: Larry Kilham Stephen Guerin 9:00 Team 1 ATC/Monte Del Sol, Distributed Computing in a Failure Prone Environment 10:00 Team 69 Los Alamos High, Enlightenment: A Monte-Carlo Ray Prediction Model NO SHOW 11:00 Team 133 Capshaw Mid, Paleontology Room 317, Judges: Larry, Stephen, David, Kathy 9:30 Team 37 Desert Academy, The Spread of the Black Death in London 10:30 Team 68 Los Alamos High, Astrophysical N-Body Simulations of Star Clusters Room 318, Judges: Tom Laub Chuck Burch Sharon Deland 9:00 Team 36 Desert Academy, Arbitrary Precision Integers on the Cell 10:00 Team 67 Los Alamos High, Save Energy 11:00 Team 132 Capshaw Mid, The Effects of Cliques in Middle Schools Room 320, Judges: Tom, Chuck, Sharon 9:30 Team 38 Desert Academy, Capitalism vs. Socialism 10:30 Team 70 Los Alamos Mid, To Kill a Flocking-bird NO SHOW
Eastern New Mexico University, Portales NM February 13 Host: Ron Obenhaus Location: University Computer Center, room UCC 107 Judges: POSTPONED 9:00 Team 94 Melrose High, METH... So Easy a Caveman Can Get It!!! 9:30 Team 95 Melrose High, Butterfly Away 10:00 Team 96 Melrose High, Spread of House Fires 10:30 Team 97 Melrose High, Polar Ecosystem 11:00 Team 98 Melrose High, Surviving the Worst 11:30 Team 99 Melrose High, The Control and Spread of Wildfires II 12:00 Team 111 San Jon High, Private Autonomous Vehicle (PAV)
University of New Mexico, Center for Advanced Research Computing, Albuquerque, NM February 20 Host: Stephanie Grant Location: Center for Advanced Research Computing, rooms 1106 and 1109 Room 1106, Judges: Mike Davis Jonathan Margulies Patrick Bridges (am) 9:00 Team 23 CEPi1, Firework Hearing Loss 9:30 Team 25 CEPi1, Nuerology and Epilepsy 10:00 Team 39 Edgewood Elem, Hot Chili Peppers 10:30 Team 40 Edgewood Mid, When Pigs Fly 11:00 Team 91 Media Arts, Ziekte Serangan NO SHOW 11:30 Team 92 Media Arts, Project Qlozeophe NO SHOW 12:00 Lunch break for judges 12:30 Team 48 Freedom High, Impact of the Socorro Midcrustal Magma Body 1:00 Team 50 Freedom High, Using AI to Model Panic via NetLogo 1:30 Team 62 Jackson Mid, Jellyfish Domination Room 1109 Judges: Max Lazo Thomas Hayes Joel Castellanos 9:00 Team 8 Albuquerque High, Modeling an Explosively Driven Fluid 9:30 Team 127 Manzano High, Efficient Air Traffic Control Interim Report 10:00 Team 82 Manzano High, Solar and Wind-based Renewable Energy canceled 10:30 Team 81 Manzano High, Java-Based Wireless Robot 11:00 Team 29 Cleveland High, The Percentage of disease during a common school day 11:30 Team 30 Cleveland High, Accelerated Particles Vs. Cancerous Cells 12:00 Lunch break for judges 12:30 Team 47 Freedom High, Modeling Applications of Radiography 1:00 Team 49 Freedom High, Controling Complex Systems Lobby Judges: Joe Kniss Victor Kuhns Chuck Burch (am) Dorian Arnold (am) 9:00 Team 3 AIMS@UNM, Ant Recruitment 9:30 Team 24 CEPi1, Viruse Protection Test. Witch one is best? 10:00 Team 26 CEPi1, Growth and Decay of a City canceled 10:30 Team 27 CEPi1, last virus 11:00 Team 61 Jackson Mid, Undercover Bruise 11:30 Team 64 Jackson Mid, Water Purification 12:00 Lunch break for judges
Northern New Mexico College, Espanola, NM February 20 Host: Dr. Jorge Crichigno Location: rooms HT 111 and HT 115 Judges: Jorge Crichigno Larry Cox Bob Robey Gina Tanner Sidney Singer Room HT 111 9:00 Team 41 Espanola Valley High, Solar Energy NO SHOW 10:00 Team 43 Espanola Valley High, How do you make a battery from a lemon NO SHOW 11:00 Team 46 Espanola Valley High, How Much water is in A Orange NO SHOW 12:00 Lunch break for judges 1:00 Team 73 Los Alamos Mid, AI in videogames 2:00 Team 75 Los Alamos Mid, Smart Grid 3:00 Team 83 McCurdy High, Bridge Demolition Room HT 115 9:30 Team 42 Espanola Valley High, Energy drink or Sports drink? NO SHOW 10:30 Team 45 Espanola Valley High, Respiration Rate Changes in Gold Fish NO SHOW 11:30 Team 79 Los Alamos Mid, The Alien River Cloggers 12:30 Team 85 McCurdy High, Contributing Factors for Obesity in the U.S. 1:30 Team 84 McCurdy High, Muonic Flux/Supernovae Correlation Model 2:30 Team 104 NNMC, New Mexico on the Road: Impact of CO2 from NM Cars 3:30 Team 65 Los Alamos High, The Holy Grail of Adam's Ale
UNM-Los Alamos February 23, 25 Host: Steve Ciddio Location: Building 2, Lecture Hall February 23 Judges: Sidney Singer Roy Baty David Janecky 7:00 Team 18 Aspen Elem, Honey Bee 7:30 Team 16 Aspen Elem, Who's Fault Is It? 8:00 Team 17 Aspen Elem, Powering Los Alamos With Solar or Wind Energy 8:30 Team 15 Aspen Elem, How not To Become A Global Pandemic Statistic February 25 Judges: Sidney Singer Roy Baty David Janecky Bob Robey 7:00 Team 53 Home School, Grocery Tracker 7:30 Team 56 Home School, Get on the Bus 2 8:00 Team 70 Los Alamos High, To Kill a Flocking-bird X:XX Team 66 Los Alamos High, Military Decision Making canceled
Albuquerque Academy February 26, 2010 Host: Jim Mims Location: Science building, room 212 Judges: Dorothy Ashmore Mike Davis Victor Kuhns John Paul Gonzales 3:15 Team 6 Albuquerque Academy, An Autonomous Spacecraft Navigation System 3:45 Team 7 Albuquerque Academy, Gridlock! Modeling and Predicting Traffic Flow canceled 4:15 Team 5 Albuquerque Academy, Metropolis Algorithm and Nanometer-Scale Patter... 4:45 Team 26 CEPi1, Growth and Decay of a City
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM February 27 Host: Mike Topliff Location: Speare Building, rooms 113 and 116 Software available will be MS Office 2007 and Linux Fedora Red Hat Judges: Dorothy Ashmore Jon Brown Powell Brown Nick Bennett 9:00 Team 112 Sandia Prep, Analytical Hierarchal Process for Complex Decisions 9:30 Team 57 Hope Christian, Heart Attack 10:00 Team 59 Hope Christian, Learning In Space 10:30 Team 60 Hope Christian, Human Response to Video Games 11:00 Team 82 Manzano High, Solar and Wind-based Renewable Energy 11:30 Lunch break for judges 12:00 Team 11 Artesia High, 'Sugarscaping' Inside a Beowulf Ring 12:30 Team 12 Artesia High, Coyote and sheep predation 1:00 Team 13 Artesia High, Classroom Behavior Model X:XX Team 10 Artesia High, Hovercraft Efficiency canceled X:XX Team 58 Hope Christian, Tigger's Last Hoorah canceled
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