New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Project Evaluation Schedule

The schedules are subject to change so please check back during the week of your evaluation for last minute changes.

Contact Consult if you have difficulty with your assigned time or location.

San Juan College, Farmington, NM  CANCELLED
February 11
Host: Shelley Amator   
Location: Information Technology Center, room 7219


New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM February 12 Host: Shaun Cooper Location: Computer Center Building, room 201 Judges: Larry Landis Rocky Navarrete Dennis Trujillo Nayeli Ramirez 9:00 Team 57 LCHS/Mayfield/Onate, The Dynamics of Reaching Equatorial Orbit 9:30 Team 97 Picacho, Why is it important for you to get the flu vaccine? 10:00 Team 98 Picacho, Impact of the Saltcedar Into the Southwest 10:30 Team 48 Hatch Valley High, Measuring Pungeny in Chile 11:00 Team 49 Hatch Valley Mid, The Social Network 11:30 Team 104 Red Mountain Mid, Water & Ice
Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM February 12 Host: Fran Nawrocki Location: rooms 318 and 319 Judges: Chuck Burch Sharon Deland Tom Laub Larry Kilham Room 318 9:00 Team 1 ATC/Monte Del Sol/TMP, Evolutionary Line-of-Sight Path Generation 10:00 Team 110 Santa Fe High, Comparing Spaced Repetition Techniques 11:00 Team 34 Desert Academy, Object Recognition on the iPhone 12:00 Team 36 Desert Academy, The North Pacific Gyre Room 319 9:30 Team 2 ATC, Human Impact on Ecosystems 10:30 Team 35 Desert Academy, Finding N body 11:30 Team 37 Desert Academy, Cholera Outbreak in Haiti 12:30 Team 120 Capshaw Mid, indigenous and invasive species
New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM March 16 Host: Location: rooms XXX and XXX Judges: Matthew Solano Joe Vigil X:XX Team 106 Robertson High, Fires on Environments X:XX Team 107 Robertson High, Implementation of Wind Energy in the United States
University of New Mexico February 19 Host: Timothy Thomas Location: Center for Advanced Research Computing, rooms 1106, 1109 and lobby Room 1106, Judges: Mike Davis Janeen Anderson Scott Wilson Melanie Moses 9:00 Team 4 AIMS@UNM, What is the impact of solar material option? 9:30 Team 5 AIMS@UNM, Rehabilitation of the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow 10:00 Team 9 Annunciation Catholic, Ozone In Albuquerque 10:30 Team 46 Freedom High, Paradise Regained-Fathoming Fortune at Freedom 11:00 Team 76 Manzano High, Long Range Weather Prediction 11:30 Team 112 Sat Sci & Math Acad, Rush Hour Traffic School Room 1109 Judges: Max Lazo Elizabeth Marie Kallman Taylor Groves Thomas Hayes 9:00 Team 6 Alb Acad, The Effectiveness of Dispersants on Oil Spill Cleanup 9:30 Team 7 Alb Acad, Characterizing the Effects of Asteroid Belt Perturbations on the Orbits of the Inner PlanetsCancelled 10:00 Team 27 Cleveland High, The Effect of Global Warming on Pack Ice 10:30 Team 19 CEPi1, Co-op A-V database NO SHOW 11:00 Team 20 CEPi1, Wind turbine NO SHOW 11:30 Team 22 CEPi1, Anticancer NO SHOW 12:00 Team 118 Volcano Vista, Abnormal Fluctuations of Water in an Agricultural Environment Room Lobby Judges: Chuck Burch Dorian Arnold Timothy Thomas Dana Roberson 9:00 Team 43 Eldorado/La Cueva, Digital Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Recordings 9:30 Team 15 Bernalillo High, Firefighting robot cancelled 10:00 Team 16 Bernalillo High, The effectiveness of zombies 10:30 Team 51 Jackson Mid, Fire on the Boulder 11:00 Team 52 Jackson Mid, Operation O-Regen 11:30 Team 53 Jackson Mid, Water Purification
Northern New Mexico College, Espanola, NM February 19 Host: Dr. Jorge Crichigno Location: rooms HT 114 and HT 123 Judges: Jorge Crichigno John Paul Gonzales Cleve Moler Anthony Sena David Torres Room HT 114 9:00 Team 62 Los Alamos High, Geothermal Plant Efficiency 10:00 Team 79 McCurdy High, Music Booster 11:00 Team 56 Los Alamos High, BrilliAnts 12:00 Lunch break for judges 1:00 Team 65 Los Alamos High, Network Analysis of Wind Farm Power Grid Connectivity NO SHOW 2:00 Team 68 Los Alamos Mid, Modelling the Tuberculosis Epidemic Room HT 123 9:30 Team 78 McCurdy High, Bridge Destruction 10:30 Team 80 McCurdy High, Contributing Factors for Obesity in the U.S. - Part II 11:30 Team 66 Los Alamos High, Simulations for Radiation Diffusion in Nuclear Accidents 12:30 Team 69 Los Alamos Mid, Packaging Logistics 1:30 Team 72 Los Alamos Mid, Modeling a Galaxy Using Python
UNM-Los Alamos February 24 Host: Steve Ciddio Location: Building 5, Room 517 Judges: Larry Cox Hailin Deng David Janecky Sharad Kelkar Carene Larmat Bob Robey Rachael Robey Jeremy Sauer Ed Schaller 4:30 Team 11 Aspen Elem, Where Are You H1N1? 4:50 Team 12 Aspen Elem, Power vs. Power 5:10 Team 13 Aspen Elem, The Effects of Oil on Marine Life in the Gulf of Mexico 5:30 Team 14 Aspen Elem, Does Queen + King = Checkmate? 5:50 Team 119 Aspen Elem, Global Warming, What Can We Do About It? 6:10 Team 70 Los Alamos Mid, Reintroduction of the Mexican Gray Wolf 6:30 Team 71 Los Alamos Mid, Caution: Don't Kiss NO SHOW 6:50 Team 73 Los Alamos Mid, Polar Ice: Past, Present and Future 7:10 Team 60 Los Alamos High, Finite Difference Analysis
Eastern New Mexico University, Portales NM February 26 Host: Ron Obenhaus Location: University Computer Center, room UCC 107 Judges: Dr. Anthony Schroeder Janelle Zamie Paul Nelson Brian Keller 9:00 Team 82 Melrose High, The Control and Spread of Wildfires III 9:30 Team 83 Melrose High, train transportation safety
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM March 5 Host: Mike Topliff Location: Speare Building, rooms 113 and 116 Software available will be MS Office 2007 and Linux Fedora Red Hat Judges: Nick Bennett Jon Brown Dorothy Ashmore 9:00 Team 109 Sandia Prep, Orbital Solar Panels 9:30 Team 18 CEPi1, Weather Mood Patterns 10:00 Team 19 CEPi1, Co-op A-V database 10:30 Team 7 Alb Acad, Characterizing the Effects of Asteroid Belt Perturbations on the Orbits of the Inner Planets 11:00 Team 20 CEPi1, Wind turbine 11:30 Team 15 Bernalillo High, Firefighting robot 12:00 Team 10 Artesia High, Fuel Efficiency XX:XX Team 103 Quemado High, Multi-Touch Surface
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