New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Scholarship Applicant Schedule

Scholarship Applicants - Monday, April 25

Scholarship judges: Nick Bennett Larry Cox Dana Roberson

We thank all scholarship applicants. The following is a list of applicants selected to be interviewed. Not all applicants will be interviewed but that doesn't mean they won't get a scholarship. Interviews will be held in the San Ildefonso room (240) of the Los Alamos Research Library Study Center.

9:00 AMEdward DaiLos Alamos Team 66
9:20 AMKyle JacobsMelrose Team 82
9:40 AMRichard RushMelrose Team 82
10:00 AMMartin LoncaricLos Alamos Team 62
10:20 AMErnesto GonzalezMcCurdy Team 80
10:40 AMLindsay RedmanMcCurdy Team 80
11:00 AMMarisa GriegoMcCurdy Team 80
1:00 PMKevin ClayCleveland Team 27
1:20 PMAngela CaudleCEPi1 Team 18
1:40 PMMichael SzantoCEPi1 Team 19
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