New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Project Evaluation Schedule

The schedules are subject to change so please check back during the week of your evaluation for last minute changes.

Contact Consult if you have difficulty with your assigned time or location.

San Juan College, Farmington, NM
February 10
Host: Shelley Amator   
Location: Information Technology Center, room 7219

  Debbie Limback 
  Tim Warren 

 9:00  Team 92 Navajo Prep, One Sheep, Two Sheep... Too Many Sheep

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM February 11 Host: Shaun Cooper Location: Computer Center Building, room 201 Judges: Larry Landis Dennis Trujillo Rocky Navarrete Nayeli Ramirez 9:00 Team 58 Las Cruces YWiC, Utopia 9:30 Team 59 Las Cruces YWiC, 9-11 and it's effects on the citizens of New York 10:00 Team 31 Chaparral High, Space Junk; Problem of the Future 10:30 Team 38 Down to Earth School, Polysyrene vs. Down to Earth 11:00 Team 89 Mesa Mid, Illegal Immigration 11:30 Team 104 Red Mountain Mid, Don't Waste Your Water Embrace Your Water! 12:00 Team 5 Alamogordo, Go With the Flow
Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM February 11 Host: Fran Nawrocki Location: rooms 315, 316, 317 and 319 Judges: Larry Kilham Bob Robey Rachael Robey Room 316 9:00 Team 1 ATC/Monte Del Sol, Disaster Simulation with According Response 10:00 Team 60 Little Earth, Endangered Sea Turtles 11:00 Team 61 Little Earth, Wolves Survival 12:00 Team 114 Santa Fe Indian School, Modeling Erosion in Santa Clara Canyon Room 317 8:30 Team 142 Sandia Prep, A Simulation of Blood in the Human Body 9:30 Team 3 ATC, Modeling an Aquatic Ecosystem 10:30 Team 94 New Mexico School for the Arts,The Rio Grande - Taking It Back From Texas 11:30 Team 141 GUTS y Girls, Gray Wolves and their Habitat Judges: Sharon Deland Stephen Guerin Cleve Moler Room 315 9:00 Team 2 ATC/Desert Academy/SF High, The Impacts of Forest Fires on Water Resources 10:00 Team 36 Desert Academy, Language Acquisition in Computers 11:00 Team 37 Desert Academy, Depletion of Aquifer Levels in the Lower Rio Grand Room 319 9:30 Team 1002 ATC, Pollution and Its Effects on the Santa Fe River 10:30 Team 108 Robertson, Wind Vs. Solar NO SHOW 11:30 Team 140 GUTS y Girls, Gene flow in chile
Eastern New Mexico University, Portales NM February 11 Host: Ron Obenhaus Location: University Computer Center, room UCC 107 Judges: Dr. Anthony Schroeder Janelle Zamie Paul Nelson Brian Keller Janice Stockard 9:00 Team 85 Melrose High, Pasture-ization 9:30 Team 86 Melrose High, Train Transportation Safety 10:00 Team 87 Melrose High, The Application of a "Two Circle System" to Identify Specific Geographic Points
University of New Mexico February 18 Host: Gina Tanner Location: Center for Advanced Research Computing, rooms 1106, 1109 and lobby Room 1106, Judges: Miguel Leyba Janeen Anderson Klaus Heinemann Bilal Shebaro 9:00 Team 4 AIMS@UNM, The Flow of Interstellar Medium Within Localized Sectors of Space 9:30 Team 23 CEPi1, Effects that pollution have on us from the Rio Grande NO SHOW 10:00 Team 27 CEPi1, Water Filterization NO SHOW 10:30 Team 30 CEPi1, water powered jet pack NO SHOW 11:00 Team 49 Freedom High, Water, Water Everywhere 11:30 Team 56 La Cueva, Optimizing Community Detection 12:00 Lunch break for judges 12:30 Team 81 Manzano High, Stayin' Alive 1:00 Team 106 Rio Rancho Cyber Academy, Deadly Dose 1:30 Team 134 The Ask Academy, PAIN NO SHOW Room 1109 Judges: Max Lazo Scott Wilson Nick Bennett 9:00 Team 10 Alb High, Danger of ElectroMagnetic Waves 9:30 Team 24 CEPi1, hydrophobic surfaces NO SHOW 10:00 Team 28 CEPi1, AntiCancer NO SHOW 10:30 Team 35 Cleveland High, Modeling Changes in Aquifer Water-Levels in New Mexico Due to the Imbalance Between Discharge and Re 11:00 Team 52 Jackson Mid, Grey wolves protection 11:30 Team 53 Jackson Mid, How Much Food And Water Can Animals Survuve Without In New Mexico 12:00 Lunch break for judges 12:30 Team 82 Manzano High, Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Images of Alzheimer's Disease Plaques in Transgenic Mouse Brains 1:00 Team 107 Rio Rancho Cyber Academy, Reverse Osmosis and Reverse Ionization 1:30 Team 131 St Pius X, 01010000 01101111 01101011 01100101 01110010 Room Lobby Judges: Reffat Sharmeen Chuck Burch Dana Roberson Drew Einhorn 9:00 Team 22 CEPi1, Hydrogen Power 9:30 Team 25 CEPi1, Water Crystals 10:00 Team 29 CEPi1, Underwater Mill NO SHOW 10:30 Team 41 Edgewood Elementary, Duel of the Fuel 11:00 Team 54 Jackson Mid, Affects of Massive Rainfall in Desert Climate 11:30 Team 57 La Cueva, Modeling of Predator-Prey Relationships 12:00 Lunch break for judges 12:30 Team 83 Manzano High, Air Traffic Control: The Next Step! 1:00 Team 133 The Ask Academy, Brain Stimulation NO SHOW
Northern New Mexico College, Espanola, NM February 18 Host: Dr. Jorge Crichigno Location: rooms HT 114 and HT 123 Judges: Dr. Claudia Aprea, Department of Math and Science, NNMC Dr. Jorge Crichigno, Department of Engineering, NNMC Dr. Cleve Moler, MATLAB Dr. Alfredo Perez, Department of Engineering, NNMC Room HT 114 9:00 Team 63 Los Alamos High, Search engines 10:00 Team 66 Los Alamos High, Excellants 11:00 Team 72 Los Alamos Mid, Computer Simulation of Dark Matter Effects on Galaxy Collisions 12:00 Team 77 Los Alamos Mid, Investigating The Use Of Hydroelectric Power Room HT 123 9:30 Team 64 Los Alamos High, Product Warehouse Optimization 10:30 Team 68 Los Alamos High, The Art of Folding Synthetic Proteins 11:30 Team 78 Los Alamos Mid, Space Debris: How Much is Too Much? NO SHOW 12:30 Team 80 Los Alamos Mid, Investigating Post Los Conchas Fire Erosion and potential Control Methods
UNM-Los Alamos February 23 Host: Discover E Location: Building 4, Room 412 Judges: Hailin Deng Morris Kaufman Carene Larmat Shannon Steinfadt 4:30 Team 14 Aspen Elem, Efficiency of Roundabouts 4:50 Team 15 Aspen Elem, Self-recovery of a distributed system after a large disruption 5:10 Team 16 Aspen Elem, Handling failures: supercomputers playing Telephone 5:30 Team 17 Aspen Elem, A Devil Worth Saving 5:50 Team 18 Aspen Elem, Mom, Are We There Yet? 6:10 Team 101 Pinon Elem, The Bullying Effect 6:30 Team 102 Pinon Elem, Drawing the Tree of Life 6:50 Team 74 Los Alamos Mid, Haptic Feedback: Controlling Robots with Touch 7:10 Team 62 Los Alamos High, Threshold of Collapse 7:30 Team 73 Los Alamos Mid, What is a Good Job?
New Mexico State University, Grants, NM February 25 Host: Gaylyn Yanke Location: NMSU-Grants room 123 Judges: Klaus Heinemann Elizabeth Marie Kallman Shawn Secatero Reffat Sharmeen 8:30 Team 50 Grants High, Project Troll 9:00 Team 90 Miyamura High, New Methods for Electronic Security 9:30 Team 91 Miyamura High, Simulation of Seismic Activity on Terrain and Urban Centers
New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM February 29 Host: Location: GearUp Office Judges: Matthew Solano David West 4:00 Team 108 Robertson, Wind Vs. Solar
New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM March 3 Host: Lorie Liebrock Location: Cramer Building, rooms 203 and 239 Judges Room 203 Dorothy Ashmore Ramesh Shakamuri Jon Brown Jeff Grantham Edwin Wuieve 9:00 Team 121 SODA, Rock, Paper, Scissors Analogy 9:30 Team 122 SODA, Liner Maze Solving Algorithms 10:00 Team 125 SODA, Op. Mother Bird 10:30 Team 28 CEPi1, AntiCancer 11:00 Team 30 CEPi1, water powered jet pack NO SHOW Judges Room 239 Eunice Perez Reffat Sharmeen 9:00 Team 109 Sandia Prep, Creating an Ideal Scramjet Engine 9:30 Team 103 Quemado High, Touch-less Computer 10:00 Team 118 Sat Sci & Math Acad, Ant Colony Conundrum 10:30 Team 23 CEPi1, Effects that pollution have on us from the Rio Grande 11:00 Team 12 Artesia High, DON'T PANIC!!! EMERGENCY EGRESS. 11:30 Team 132 Taos High, Impact of Air force Training Flights over Taos and Northern NM Teams not presenting: X:XX Team 119 SODA, FARKLE X:XX Team 123 SODA, Chili Root Systems X:XX Team 124 SODA, The Containment of a forest fires contaminents X:XX Team 126 SODA, Constraint of Forest Fires
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