New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

Final Reports

The submission deadline for your final report is NOON on April 4th, 2012.

See the Final Report Guidelines for specific information.

More Resources for New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge authors are available at the Writing Reports section of the Resources web page.

The 2011-2012 Finalist Reports book, printed for the Challenge by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

     If you've submitted a final report, make sure you confirm your housing arrangements for the Expo/Awards Ceremony in Los Alamos.


The 63 Written Reports Submitted:


ATC/Desert Acad/SF High

ATC/GUTS y Girls

Albuquerque Institute for Math and Science

Alamogordo High

Artesia High

Aspen Elementary

Creative Education Preparatory Institute #1

Chaparral High

Cleveland High

Desert Academy

Down to Earth School

Edgewood Elementary

Escalante High

Freedom High

Grants High

Jackson Mid

La Cueva High

Las Cruces Young Women in Computing

Little Earth School

Los Alamos High

Los Alamos Mid

Manzano High

Melrose High

Mesa Middle School

Miyamura High

Navajo Prep

NM School for the Arts

Pinon Elementary

Quemado High

Red Mountain Mid

Rio Rancho Cyber Academy

Robertson High

Sandia Prep

Sandia Prep/La Cueva High

Saturday Science and Math Academy

School of Dreams Academy

St. Pius X High School

Taos High School

Web-based Final Reports Submitted:

2 The Impact of Forest Fires on Water Resources

36 Language Acquisition in Computers

38 Polystyrene Versus Down to Earth

50 Project Troll

56 Optimizing Community Detection


64 Warehouse Layout and Picking Simulation

74 Haptic Feedback: Controlling Robots with Touch

82 Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Plaques in a Transgenic Mouse Brain

101 The Bullying Effect

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