For our programming we used XCode which is programmed in Objective C. We wanted to simulate how much electricity two different types of windmills can produce. We did this by finding a formula on converting wind energy by the size of the blade, the wind speed, and the air density (These are the important factors when converting wind energy into the amount of energy produced).


We will need the horizontal wind turbines to generate electricity for our town and we successfully created a computer model to simulate the two different wind turbine types to be our energy source. However after doing research we found that vertical wind turbines breaks down a lot and have more problems than the horizontal turbine. We also found that the vertical wind turbines are not as reliable because they can’t stand high wind velocity as the horizontal wind turbines (high wind is likely to happen where we live). The horizontal wind turbine cost, based on the amount of wind turbines and the power stations, would total to about $323,000,000. We don’t know the exact cost the vertical wind turbines would be, but they are usually cheaper to build than the horizontal wind turbines, although they are more expensive to maintain. Although the vertical wind turbines are a bit cheaper, we think it would be a better investment to buy the horizontal wind turbines, because they are more durable, and they can withstand our climate better.

Finding a way to power Santa Fe County!