New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge

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Monday Morning Message, April 28, 2014

The awards have been earned, swag and cash have been given out, you've returned to school, and we've cleaned up and packed away for next year..... And so ends another great year for the Supercomputing Challenge!

As you return to your home towns you may find that your local paper knows your name, well it's our fault... We sent a press release to every superintendent and newspaper for every town that had Challenge Participants. Enjoy it students and teachers, you deserve it!


Rachel Washington was a NCWIT New Mexico Aspirations Winner! Congratulate her as she works very hard, has participated in the Challenge for three years and deserves the award!

We forgot to announce that Cottonwood Elementary was a new school this year! Congratulations! We'll be seeing you next year!


Don't forget about Jed Crandal's Computer Boot Camp which will be held at UNM this summer.

To apply: simply e-mail your name, age, and the high school you attend to crandall at before 1 May 2014. Notifications to accepted participants will be sent out before 7 May 2014. Since Jed mentioned this at the awards ceremony, he is still open to attendees.

We are always there for those of you working on a project this summer. Email questions, comments and suggestions to: consult1314 at supercomputingchallenge dot org

Teachers, the Summer Teacher Institute is scheduled for July 13th - 25th at NM Tech. Go to the Challenge Website for more information:

Follow Up Surveys

If you didn't get your Post-Challenge survey turned in at the Awards Ceremony Tuesday morning:

  • Students, take the Student Survey if you didn't fill it out at the Expo/Awards Ceremony
  • Teachers, fill out the Teacher Evaluation Word file and email it to Consult1314 at supercomputingchallenge dot org
which is repeated at the bottom of:

Here's to seeing you either as a University Student Extraordinaire or back again to do even better next year!!!

We look forward to seeing ALL OF YOU for our 25th year next year!

Patty, Betsy, Celia, and David for the Challenge

Thursday Afternoon Message, April 24, 2014

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants of the 24th Annual New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge. (Can you walk the dog with your yo-yo yet?)

Follow Up Surveys

If you didn't get your Post-Challenge survey turned in at the Awards Ceremony Tuesday morning:

  • Students, take the Student Survey if you didn't fill it out at the Expo/Awards Ceremony
  • Teachers, fill out the Teacher Evaluation Word file and email it to Consult1314 at supercomputingchallenge dot org
which is repeated at the bottom of:


On the Expo site above, see the press coverage we know about so far. If you get your local newspaper to do an article about your school/team, send Consult1314 the URL and we'll add it to the list.


We have posted the pictures from the Expo, which we showed before the Awards Ceremony began. If you want a high resolution copy of any of the pictures from the slide show, right click to do a Save As and note the image name. Send Consult1314 an email requesting a higher resolution image and we'll send it to you. More pictures of the Awards Ceremony will be posted next week. We have also posted a .pdf version of the Awards Ceremony PowerPoint presentation.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers for ROBORAVE are needed [mostly on Saturday May 3rd ] at the convention center in Albuquerque more info at or


Again, congratulations to everyone who Took the Challenge!

Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty for Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

Thursday Morning Message, April 17, 2014

Expo highlights

Look for the Supercomputing Challenge signs to registration in the J. Robert Oppenheimer Study Center at the Los Alamos National Laboratory on Monday morning.

Arrive 30 minute prior to your Expo presentation time slot:

After your presentation, you will take your project posterI and logo poster to the Otowi building and display them there, right across from the cafeteria.

Everyone will vote on the best posters during lunch. Everyone will receive a lunch ticket good for $8.00 at the Otowi Cafeteria.

The finalist presentations will be broadcast on an internal LANL system and people can watch the presentations in the Study Center (upstairs).


See the Expo web page for details. Those spending the night(s) in Los Alamos will have breakfast at the hotels.


Tour groups will form in the Otowi third floor lobby, right next to the rooms where the poster will be on display.

No electronic devices are allowed on the tours. Leave them in your vehicles or at the registration table.


The weather in Los Alamos for Sunday through Tuesday looks good. Lows in the mid 40s and highs around 70 degrees with zero chance of rain.

Bradbury Museum Reception

Monday evening from 5:00-7:00 the Bradbury Museum will host a reception for Supercomputing Challenge participants. Dinner is on your own and there are a variety of places to eat in Los Alamos.

Awards Ceremony

Tuesday morning, 9:00-noon, followed by lunch. 2323 Diamond Drive, Los Alamos, NM

Event Details

Review the Expo web page for all the details.

Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty

Monday Morning Message, April 14, 2014

Spring Break is upon many of you. . . Yea!

Next week is the Expo; we are excitedly preparing schedules, tours, PowerPoints, awards, and press releases and finding judges, escorts, and rooms.

Representative Ben Ray Lujan Jr. will be at the Expo next week. He's come to see you at your best!

Room and Schedules

To find your rooming arrangements in Los Alamos check Rooms

To find out what you will be doing check Schedules

To find out when your team presents their project check Team Presentations

For directions check Directions

Scholarship Interviews

Finalists and scholarship interviews will posted online Wednesday and Thursday. We will check to make sure you know when and where your presentation and/or interview is.

Questions and Help

Be sure to write to Consult with any questions.

What's new on the web?

This is an interesting video to watch: TED Bionics

Hmm Biology, Physics, Technology, Mathematics, Modeling, what a way to move... Imagine redesigning your limbs just because of an accident.

Monday Morning Message, April 7, 2014

Oh my! The Expo is just 14 days away! Are you ready?

Students nominate your teacher for an award. Your teacher is a volunteer and deserves to be recognized. Do it now.

Most of you have submitted your final report and are very busy working on your presentation.


There is a lot of important here:


The Supercomputing Challenge Expo schedule has been posted at:

We expect to have ten teams being judged each half hour, after which they will put their poster up for display in the gallery and form tour groups and tour the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Plan to arrive at the Study Center (see the directions web page) a half hour before your scheduled presentation time slot.

Housing list for the hotels in Los Alamos will be posted later this week so check the EXPO web page to see that you are listed:


Don't remember what this is about? Go to:

Don't forget if you are submitting a video for the video contest it is due April 14th. Submit to: consult1314 at supercomputingchallenge dot org


Monday, April 14 - Submissions for the Best Web presentation of a final report are due. Once you have your Web page posted, send an email message to Consult saying you wish to enter the Web-based Presentation competition and include the URL of your page. A link will be added to your site from the Final Reports page.


ON BAGS and newsletter, t-shirts items? If your poster is chosen you will also receive $200.00.

The poster should be designed on a single sheet of poster board. It can be hand-drawn, designed on a computer, or created by a combination of methods. There is an award for the individual(s) who design the winning graphical logo poster.

The poster must be comprised of original artwork and text! You may not copy or borrow pictures, artwork, slogans, etc. from any outside source. At the Expo, all of the Supercomputing Challenge participants will judge the poster entries and select the winner.


Patty, David, Betsy, Celia for the Supercomputing Challenge

Monday Morning Message, March 31, 2014


Wednesday, April 2 --- Submit Final Reports

Wednesday, April 2 --- Register Teams for Expo Awards


Friday, April 4 - Nomination letters for the Best Teacher Sponsor due to Consult. Nominate your teacher sponsor! Tell us why your supporting teacher rocks! In 100 words or less, tell us why she deserves to be honored. How has he supported you? How has she helped with mentors? How has he helped you think through your problem?

The winning teacher will receive an award at the Awards Ceremony, in Los Alamos. Your nomination is due April 4th. Just email your nomination to consult1314 @


Monday, April 14 - Submissions for the Best Web presentation of a final report are due. Once you have your Web page posted, send an email message to Consult saying you wish to enter the Web-based Presentation competition and include the URL of your page. A link will be added to your site from the Final Reports page.

The Web page will be judged on: layout, organization, use of graphics, speed of loading, clearly marked sections, presentation, use of hyperlinking, functionality and syntax-compliant HTML. Those specifications are intentionally open-ended.


Prepare the poster for your presentation to the judges at the Expo. It could win the Technical Poster Award.

Prepare a poster for the Graphics Logo award.


If you have a video for the CSTA contest, let Consult know. Computer Science Teacher Association of New Mexico and the Challenge have a new award. Please visit to see details on this marketing idea.


Lujan Grisham Announces STEM Competition for High School Students
Congresswoman Lujan Grisham "The House STEM App Challenge." This competition seeks to promote innovation in STEM fields by inviting high school students in New Mexico's 1st Congressional District to submit ideas for a software application or "app" for mobile, tablet or computer devices and present their design in a two-minute YouTube video. Deadline: April 30.

Ben Ray Lujan (NM-03)

If you live outside Districts 1 and 3, you can enter the contest from House App Challenge website.

And that's it for the last MMM for March. See you soon!

Betsy, Celia, David and Patty for Consult.

Monday Morning Message, March 24, 2014


Los Alamos Middle School Team 75 sent in their Final Report last week well ahead of the April 2 deadline. Congratulations to Victor and Andrei Popa-Simil and Ming-Yuan Lo. Their project is titled Go-Chess variants. We are looking forward to seeing your Expo poster presentation!


Of course, first is finishing up and submitting your Final Report:

Second item is getting your team registered at Remember that this is a single registration for your whole team and helps us line up everything from Expo judging schedule to ordering the right number of burritos to getting the hotel rooms organized. Help us out! Register by Wednesday, April 2.

Expo presentation and poster board are next on the list. Not only is the poster board a requirement for your Expo presentation, it could be voted to be the winner of the Technical Poster Award. Read all about the Poster at

There are two other terrific opportunities for awards that you can be working on now. Neither is required. One is the Graphics Logo Poster whose artwork and catchy slogan creatively embody the Supercomputing Challenge program. The winning logo becomes the 2014-15 image of the Challenge that we'll see at the top of every web page and everywhere else the Challenge prints a document. Read all about it at

Finally, Teams are further encouraged (but not required) to produce a web-based presentation of the Final Report. An award for the "Best Web-based Presentation of a Final Report" will be given during the Awards Ceremony. The deadline for submitting your Web-based presentation is 8:00 am April 14th.


Rachel Washington from Team 140 at Southwest Secondary Learning Center sends us this bulletin: "The fractal breeding game website is finally ready to be published. The website now can have more traffic and it would be amazing to have people from supercomputing challenge using it." Play the game at


Three week June summer residential program for high school students going into the 11th and 12th grades as of Fall 2014. The program consists of a rigorous introduction to computer concepts as well as college freshmen English and math skills on Mondays through Thursdays. Transportation fieldtrips/presentations are on Fridays and fun-filled extracurricular activities on the weekends. Throughout the duration of the program, students are housed in the UNM dormitories that allow the students to experience college life. The program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation so there is no cost for participation; however, space is limited. Application deadline is April 4 at 5pm. For an application and more information, see Photo gallery at


Stay in touch with questions, comments, ideas. We are looking forward to being with you in Los Alamos in a month.

David, Celia, Patty and Betsy for Consult.

Monday Morning Message, March 17, 2014


We are rounding up our volunteer judges to come to Los Alamos for ExpoAwards Days, April 21-22. Their first task will be reading all of the Final Reports that they'll receive on Wednesday, April 2nd. April 2nd is two weeks away. The requirements and great writing tips can be found on the Challenge web pages starting at

Remember that Wednesday, April 2nd, is also the day that Registration for ExpoAwards Days should be completed. Here is a link to that process: Each registration is for the whole team: students, teachers, mentors, and bus driver. Registration is how we not only know what teams are coming but how we plan for meals and hotel rooms.

While you are writing your report, remember that writing is a team sport. There are different parts of the report that each of you may be providing even if one of you does most of the writing. Someone needs to proofread and perhaps share the report with an English teacher. Someone needs to read for meaning and share with someone else to see if the ideas are making sense. Have you included all the sections required?

As you get the report together, you can also be anticipating how you will tell us about your project in Poster format for the Expo. More about that next week but here is a link:

Next Year's Logo

Don't forget to be working on a graphics poster for next year's Challenge. That will be the 25th Annual Supercomputing Challenge and we need to make a big deal of it.

Prime Numbers and Hurricanes

Here is a link to a video from the Khan Academy. It isn't very long and is a good break from the Final Report writing. It will be of interest to students at most levels of mathematics study. You might even think about how the presenter explains the graphing as you think about how you'll present your results at the Expo.

Keep on keeping on!

Keep up your good work. Keep an eye on your calendars for the Challenge Dates in April. Keep on Keeping On!

Supercomputingly yours,
Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty
Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

Friday Morning Message, March 14, 2014

Dear Challenge Community,

We have learned that the we have received a $60,000 allotment from the New Mexico State Legislature for 2014-15. We know that grant was in good part awarded to us because many of you took the time to phone or write your representatives to show your support for the Supercomputing Challenge. Those calls and messages made a difference.

Thank you! We can always rely on our community. As we often say, we couldn't do it without you.

Supercomputingly yours,
David, Celia, Patty, and Betsy
Supercomputing Challenge Management Team

Tuesday Evening Message, March 11, 2014


Final Reports and ExpoAwards

We are imagining you getting your bibliographies for your Final Reports written and referring to a resource like to find out how to refer to web resources and print resources.

The body of your report itself should follow this pattern:
Your report should focus on your project rather than on the experiences of your team. The report must show that you conducted a scientific investigation, obtained results, and arrived at some conclusions. Be sure to include the following:

  • an executive summary that is shorter than one page
  • a statement of the problem that you have investigated
  • a description of the method you used to solve your problem
  • a discussion of how you verified and validated your model
  • the results of your study
  • the conclusions you reached by analyzing your results
  • the software, references, tables, and other products of your work
  • your most significant achievement on the project
  • an acknowledgment of the people and organizations that helped you

Registration for ExpoAwards Days is Open

Teams, Register for the Expo and Awards Ceremony! Note that the registration is for the team: students, teacher, bus driver et al.

Deadline for registration and Final Report is Wednesday, April 2. Final Reports are due at noon!

So keep on! We are impressed with what the judges tell us about Evaluations and are looking forward to seeing you in April in Los Alamos.

Challenge Alumni in the News

Check out this article about what a Supercomputing Challenge Alumni is doing:

Supercomputingly yours,
Betsy, Celia, David and Patty

Tuesday Morning Message, March 4, 2014


The Challenge is now into its last lap. The last set of Evaluations was held at New Mexico Tech on Saturday, March 1. Teams shared their projects with judges at UNM, NMSU-Grants, NMSU Las Cruces, ENMU, Santa Fe Community College, Northern New Mexico College and at Los Alamos HS. Evaluations represent an important milestone in the Challenge year. Please congratulate yourselves and your teammates for the persistence you have shown to get yourselves to this final stretch. We are very proud of you!

Final Reports and ExpoAwards

Get your calendars out and make sure you've got these dates highlighted. Final Reports are due on Wednesday, April 2, not later than 12 noon. That is also the last date to register for ExpoAwards. This link will help you make your plan for writing and submitting your Final Report for ExpoAwards: Final Judging and Awarding of Prizes. Next week we will have more details about registering for ExpoAwards.

Tours of Sandia and UNM

Yesterday teams from around the state took tours of Sandia National Labs and UNM. Both tours highlighted the exciting opportunities for college study and career preparation. Robots, Solar Towers, Forensics, Digital Media, Video Immersion, Formula Racing, High Performance Computing and Engineering are a few of the activities and demonstrations teams saw.


Check out this website to learn about the first ever Game Jam focused on NeuroGames: It will be held in Albuquerque but participants can play remotely. The date is March 14-16.

At a Game Jam, teams compete over a weekend to create a new product, with awards given to winning teams. The NeuroGame Jam will focus on three categories of products: (1) brain-controlled games, (2) brain-controlled recreational devices and (3) brain training games. Prior to the event, a seminar will be held to familiarize participants with using and interfacing EEG brain measurement with games/devices and loaner EEG units will be available at the event.

The event is open to participants 14 years and older. Participants may register as individuals or as teams consisting of as many as five individuals. Individual registrants will be assigned to teams at the event. The event will be held at the University of New Mexico Mesa del Sol facility, which will provide teams with state-of-the-art computer hardware and software for game development. The event is open to out-of-town teams and mechanisms will be provided to allow them to participate remotely.

Looking ahead

There are many resources for writing and citing your Final Report. We'll be mentioning in the Monday Morning Message some of the hints from these resources. Remember to write to Consult if you have a question or need help.

Supercomputingly yours,
Betsy, Celia, David and Patty

Monday Morning Message, February 24, 2014

Good Day,

Is Spring really in the air?

Saturday, March 1 Evaluations

New Mexico Tech, Socorro

Map and directions to NMT Project Evaluation.
Detailed Schedule of presenting teams:

Room 203
 9:00  Team 77 Los Lunas High, Improving Wind Wonders
 9:40  Team 141 SODA, Analyzing the Driving Distance of a Golfer
10:20  Team 143 SODA, Detecting Approaching Threats with the Police A.L.E.R.T
11:00  Team 145 SODA, Land-Base and Drone Communication with Algorithms
11:40  Team 42 Cottonwood Valley, Ringworms on Pets

Room 239
 9:00  Team 147 Socorro High, The Juro Project
 9:40  Team 142 SODA, The Effects of Hyper-gravity on Organisms
10:20  Team 144 SODA, Pathogen RPS
11:00  Team 146 SODA, Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Sunday, March 2nd

Come meet Dr. Trilce Estrada at The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History from 1 - 4 at the Supercomputing Challenge table on March 2nd.

She is an assistant professor in computer science at UNM. Her skills and expertise are Optimizations, High Performance Computing, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Simulations, Distributed Systems, Come see what this all means.

Future Scientist Day is being celebrated at the Museum. Team 97 from Miyamura High will present their project.

The Spread of Gang Activity in a Typical High School. Thanks for volunteering!

Visit Roll, Drop, and Bounce: The Science of Motion, Exhibit for "open ended exploration and concrete understanding."

Sandia and UNM Tours

Tours of Sandia Laboratories and University of New Mexico will take place on March 3rd. UNM people, please meet at IFDM Mesa del Sol, 5700B University W. Blvd., 87106 at 8:45 am.

Sandia Tour will meet at 7:30 at the Holiday Inn Express on Hotel Avenue. Hotel Avenue is just south of Lomas (between Lomas and I-40) and East of Eubank. The address is: 10330 Hotel Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87123-1256. The phone number is 505-275-8900.

A Challenge Alum on Ted Talks:

A manned mission to Mars has long captivated our collective imagination. Perhaps the most significant obstacle to achieving this mission is fueling a craft to and from Mars. Erika DeBenedictis offers some compelling theories on how we can make it happen:

Quote of the Week

Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

Calvin Coolidge

So, get moving on your display, your final report, your code, your presentation. We have people waiting in the wings to help you with any of these areas.

Yours in Supercomputing,
The Management Crew:
Patty, David, Celia and Betsy

Tuesday Morning Message, February 18, 2014


Teams presented in Portales, Albuquerque and Espanola on the 15th. If any of those teams would like to talk with any of the judges, please write to Consult and we will get you their email addresses.

On Feb. 20th the Los Alamos High School and Middle School teams will present during Discover E. See for details.

A Gold Star to judge Rebecca Koskela as she has participated in three evaluations; one in Grants, Albuquerque and now Los Alamos.

Socorro area teams will present at NM Tech on March 1st, see for details.

March 2nd, Nuclear Museum Future Scientists Conference

If you are joining us for a tour on Monday, the 3rd, please consider presenting your project at the Challenge table on the 2nd. The more times you share your elevator speech to people, the clearer your message about project will become. Please contact Consult if you are interested.

Mentoring at the Hotel on March 2nd

Some teams will spend the night in Albuquerque before the tours. If you contact Consult, we can have a mentor there after the museum to help you with your projects. Albuquerque area teams can take advantage of this opportunity, also.

Tours at Sandia National Laboratories and UNM, March 3rd

Thanks for Cristina Montoya, a Challenge alum now working at Sandia for planning the Sandia Tour and Betsy Frederick, program manager extraordinaire, for working on the UNM tour. Watch this link for updates in the schedules.

Time and Project Management

We boast that you learn time and project management being in the Challenge.

Upcoming deadlines

April 2nd Final Report at NOON

If you need help writing your report, please contact us. It needs to be a minimum of five pages. Here are some guidelines.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 Registration deadline for Expo and Awards Ceremony in Los Alamos.

Monday, April 14, 2014, 8:00 am Submissions for the Best Web version of a final report due.

Monday, April 21, 2014 Supercomputing Challenge Expo in Los Alamos

Display Board is due on April 21st.

PowerPoint is due on April 21st also.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 Awards Ceremony in Los Alamos

International Space Station Location and View

Betsy shares: This is really wonderful!

Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty

Monday Morning Message, February 10, 2014

Do listen to the advice of your judges at your February evaluation. They can become your team's advocates in April. If you are in need of a mentor for your project, please contact Consult.

Evaluations This Coming Saturday

Keep checking this site and please let us know if you must cancel and reschedule. Please arrive a half hour early to get set up and settled before your time slot.

  • Saturday, February 15 - Eastern New Mexico University, Portales
  • Saturday, February 15 - Northern New Mexico College - Espanola
  • Saturday, February 15 - University of New Mexico - Albuquerque
  • Future Scientist Day at the Nuclear Museum, Mar. 2nd

    Come join us at the Museum and present your project. Write to Consult if you are interested in participating. There is housing and mentoring available that evening for teams over 60 miles away. Then the next day, see below

    Sandia National Labs/UNM Tour Day, March 3rd

    Exciting plans are emerging for both sites. Please sign up today with Consult for one of these amazing career awareness tours.

    House Student App Challenge

    High Schoolers, enter your apps in this contest by April 30th.

    Duke Energy Academy Inspiring Future Leaders in Energy

    A free workshop on energy for high school juniors and seniors and at Purdue University in Indiana, June 22 - 28th. Deadline for applications are Feb. 16th. For more information,

    Fibonacci Sequence, Fibo Whatchi?

    Head Expo Judge, Eleanor Walther, suggests this site for our community, The Mind Blowing Mathematics of Sunflowers:

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, Patty, David, Celia and Betsy

    Monday Morning Message, February 3, 2014

    Project Evaluations - a repeat of last week's info:

    Remember! Please keep going back to the February Project Evaluations web page to check for changes in the schedule. Do let Consult know if you have an issue with your scheduled time slot., This is an opportunity to share with the judges the progress you have made on your project and to ask questions and get advice on what should be done over the last two months of the project. All teams that submitted Interim Reports have been scheduled for an Evaluation at a college in their area.

    March tours of Sandia Labs/UNM/National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

    Mark your calendars for Monday March 3rd and plan to join us for tours of either Sandia Labs or the University of New Mexico. Funds are available to provide housing on Sunday night in Albuquerque for teams from out of town that want to participate. See more information at: More details will be filled in as they become available. Please sign up by February 14th so we can make plans. The Sandia tour is limited to 40 participants.

    The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History is hosting Future Scientists day on March 2nd. They would like us to have a few teams of students there to share about their projects to the Museum visitors that day. Let Consult know if you would be interested in showing off your project between noon and 4:00 that Sunday afternoon. Admission to the Museum will be free that day.

    The Museum also has a special exhibit called Roll Drop Bounce, the Science of Motion. If your class/school would like to take a field trip there, there is grant funding from Lockheed Martin/Sandia National Laboratories to provide bus transportation. Contact Consult for more details. The exhibit runs from February 1st through April 27th.

    Phone App Opportunity

    Harry Henderson at Rio Rancho Cyber Academy would like to work with you if you are interested helping him create an app that has a lightening effect by programming the flash on the phone to flicker in a proportional fashion prior to the thunder of a "white" noise generator. Contact Consult to reach Harry.

    Pin Point Bullying Hot Spots with Big Data from Social Media

    Tom Laub, volunteer from Sandia, shares this link
    Viraj Puri, a 13-year-old schoolboy from Virginia, is hoping to harness its power - to tackle bullying. He showed the BBC's Jane O'Brien the website - currently in development - which would enable families to pinpoint bullying incidents.

    Challenge Manners

    Speaking of Tom and Harry, two of our many wonderful volunteers, we urge you to write back to people who send you reviews or give you face-to-face feedback. Many of our reviewers say that they do not know if you are reading their emails. It is not too late to thank your Interim reviewers now for their time and expertise.


    Remember to add visual representations of information, data, or knowledge in your PowerPoints at your scheduled evaluation this coming month. Just as Viraj Puri above is making a map about bullying we suggest you share a picture about your project

    What's the Big Deal about Grit?

    Passion, perseverance, and stamina lead to success. Are you following through on the milestones in the Challenge? Take your best ideas and test them and be willing to fail. Failure is not a permanent condition.

    Enjoy your Evaluation! Have fun! We are looking forward to seeing Newcomb at San Juan College on Friday, the 7th, and on the 8th Miyamura and Quemado in Grants, our southern contingent at NMSU, and our Santa Fe area teams at SFCC.

    Yours in Supercomputing,
    Betsy, Patty, David and Celia

    Monday Morning Message, January 27, 2014

    Project Evaluations

    Keep an eye on the Project Evaluations web page,, for changes in the schedule. Do let Consult know if you have an issue with your scheduled time slot. This is an opportunity to share with the judges the progress you have made on your project and ask questions and get advice on what should be done over the last two months of the project. All teams that submitted Interim Reports have been scheduled for an Evaluation at a college in their area.

    March tours of Sandia Labs/UNM/National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

    Mark your calendars for Monday March 3rd and plan to join us for tours of either Sandia Labs or the University of New Mexico. Funds are available to provide housing on Sunday night in Albuquerque for teams from out of town that want to participate. See more information at: More details will be filled in as they become available. Please sign up by February 14th so we can make plans.

    The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History is hosting Future Scientists day on March 2nd. They would like us to have a few teams of students there to share about their projects to the Museum visitors that day. Let Consult know if you would be interested in showing off your project between noon and 4:00 that Sunday afternoon. Admission to the Museum will be free that day.

    They also have a special exhibit called Roll Drop Bounce, the Science of Motion. If your class/school would like to take a field trip there, there is a grant funding from Lockheed Martin/Sandia National Laboratories to provide bus transportation. Contact Consult for more details. The exhibit runs from February 1st through April 27th.

    Final Reports

    How are you coming along with your final report? Oh, you haven't started it yet? Well, it is time to learn about what goes into a final report and start mapping it out. Review the websites and

    Department of Labor Grant

    The Challenge staff and many members of the board of directors have been working very hard on a Youth Career Connect grant. If funded, it will allow the Challenge to expand into providing summer internships with Challenge sponsors and summer bridge programs for participants. The summer bridge part of the program would help Challenge participants prepare themselves for college and future internships by providing advanced math and computing courses. A special thanks to Bob Robey and Bob Bolz for leading this effort.

    Betsy, Celia, David and Patty

    Tuesday Morning Message, January 21, 2014

    January Peer Reviews

    Practice you public speaking talking about your project this month in anticipation/preparation for the February Project Evaluations.

    February Project Evaluations

    Make sure you add your February Project Evaluation time slot to your calendar. Go to: and see when and where you are scheduled to present. The judges will listen to your presentation and offer advice for finishing up the Challenge year. Do let Consult know if you have any issues with your presentation time/location. We really appreciate all of our volunteer judges who want to help you and see you excel.

    Top Supercomputing Led Discoveries of 2013

    Check out several stories about how research using supercomputers has led to discoveries this past year:

    One day, will you be part of computing research that can help transform our lives? Read about the topic (and listen to the Webinar if you can) at:

    NM Legislature in Session

    Please urge your legislators to support the Supercomputing Challenge. See last week's MMM or the NewFlash archives at:

    Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty for Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

    Monday Morning Message, January 13, 2014

    Interim Reviews

    Thanks to a large number of volunteers who are reviewing the Interim reports. Over two-thirds of the Interims have been review. Please acknowledge the time and effort of these folks give.

    Project Evaluations

    The first draft of the February Project Evaluation schedule is posted at: and These schedules will probably change. Let us know if you require a change and remember to check the schedule each week, especially the week of your evaluation. Please make every effort to be there, be prepared, and take advantage of the judges' time and willingness to help the Challenge teams.

    Internships and Scholarships

    Seniors are reminded to submit scholarship information this week:

    The Supercomputing Challenge is seeking grant to expand the summer Internship program so juniors and seniors interested in internship for summer 2014 need to contact Consult this week as well.

    Editing Help

    (This is from Challenge supporter and retired teacher Carl Bogardus.) Do you or your students need editing help? Try this nifty editing tool that will analyze your writing and grade it for you. EditMinion

    Teaching sorting algorithms? Here are some Scratch examples and instructions to go along with them. Sorting Algorithms

    NNM STEM Challenge/RoboRave Rally

    Students from Northern New Mexico should check out the LANL STEM Challenge and the RoboRAVE Rally for Northern New Mexico:

    Read about cancer fighting robots at:

    Learn more about High Performance Computing at:

    Why do we (the Challenge) do what we do?

    New Mexico Legislative Support

    With the New Mexico Legislative session about to start, we need your help with House Bill 17 that aims to support the Supercomputing Challenge. The link for the bill is at:

    Use the following link to find your legislator: then send the message below to them, after you have filled in the date, your school, and your name and address. We need your help in this matter!

    Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty for Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

    Dear Legislator,
    The Supercomputing Challenge is 24 years old!  Please continue your support
    for the Challenge, a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and
    Computer Science program that reaches students throughout the state in
    grades 5-12.  With your help, young people can continue to learn the
    skills that prepare them for college and that strengthen the New Mexico
    workforce.  We urge you to fund the Challenge for $60,000 so that students
    at _____________ School can continue reaping the benefits.
    Computer Science benefits all students. The Supercomputing Challenge
    teaches how to be innovative and solve problems-essential skills for
    students to be college- and career-ready. Government labor forecasts
    clearly indicate that we are not producing enough computer science
    graduates to meet the needs of industry nor to compete in an increasingly
    global economy.  We need to teach students from all disciplines how
    computers process information. Computers are part of nearly every aspect
    of our lives (banking, health care, shopping, travel, etc.) It is vital
    that we understand their capabilities and their limitations. All students
    need a basic level of knowledge about how computers work and how to use
    them safely and securely.
    Computer Science education in New Mexico needs your attention. 
    Sincerely yours,

    Monday Afternoon Message, January 6, 2014

    Welcome back!

    Interim Reports

    We are happy to see that 91 teams have submitted Interim Reports. We will be making the February Project Evaluation schedule this week, based on the teams that have submitted Interim Reports.

    If you're on one of the 26 teams that submitted a Proposal but didn't submit an Interim, let us know if you would like some help.

    January Peer Project Reviews

    In preparation for presenting your project in February, plan to have a peer review this month so that you can practice your presentation skills. See for a description.

    Summer Internships/Opportunities

    The Supercomputing Challenge is trying to build a program for internships with it sponsors. If you're a junior or senior and summer internship in a technology business or lab we'd like to know that. Please send an email to internship2014 at supercomputingchallenge dot org and tell us why you would like to be considered for an internship and what your particular interest is. What kind of work would you like to do? Is there a company or lab or business that you know about that we might be able to contact on your behalf? Please write as soon as possible. We will be reviewing the applications starting January 16, 2014.

    Look for other opportunities for yourself. Check out the FREE Research Science Institute at MIT: and other programs at:

    Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty for
    Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

    Monday Morning Message, December 16, 2013

    Greetings and Salutations!

    With the completion of the Interim Reports, our Challenge year reaches its mid point. Congratulations on the persistent work it took to complete your research and get started on your model. The Challenge is recruiting its scientist friends to read your Interim reports and write their reviews. They'll send these to you before January 10, 2014.

    The next milestone is your team's February Evaluation. It will be scheduled at a college near your school---or as close to your school as possible. The scientists who review your Interims will have suggestions to help you as you develop your model, write the code for it and prepare for Evaluations.

    Seniors! Scholarship Applications

    The first step in the process for scholarship applications is a Letter of Intent due January 16, 2014. This letter tells us that you would like to be a candidate for a Challenge scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded in April at Awards Day. The Letter of Intent describes your contribution to your team's project with an emphasis on specific areas of leadership. If you know what college or university you plan to attend, please include that information as well as what you plan to study. All seniors who have completed their Interim Report are eligible to complete a Letter of Intent. Read more about Challenge Scholarships at:

    Seniors! Juniors! Summer 2014 Internships

    The Challenge is actively seeking internship opportunities for Challenge seniors and juniors (that is, seniors who will be freshmen in college in the Fall of 2014 and juniors who will be seniors in the Fall). If you think you would like to have a summer internship in a technology business or lab we'd like to know that. Please send an email to Consult and tell us why you would like to be considered for an internship and what your particular interest is. What kind of work would you like to do? Is there a company or lab or business that you know about that we might be able to contact on your behalf? Please write as soon as possible.

    Not sure what an internship is? Check out

    Gory 12 days of Christmas

    The creepiest gifts are given in the animal kingdom. See the mouse kabobs given by gray male shrikes to their loved ones. Eleven other tasty presents are described in this story from Science News.

    Enjoy the winter holidays. We'll see you next year.
    Patty, David, Celia and Betsy - Challenge Management Team.

    Monday Morning Message, December 9, 2013

    Hour of Code Highlights Computer Science Week

    NM Representative Ben Ray Lujan was at Capital High in Santa Fe today to highlight the national initiative to make Computer Science part of the Core Curriculum. Jenifer Hooten, Supercomputing Challenge team sponsor, and her students are hosting Representative Lujan and participating in the country-wide Hour of Code activities.

    Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry has issued a proclamation declaring the week of December 9-15 Computer Science Education Week and urging the community and legislators in particular to "remove barriers that prevent computer science classes from being counted as math or science credits toward graduation requirements."

    In a video address released this week, President Obama urges, "Don't just download the latest app, help design it," Obama said in a video address released this week. "Don't just play on your phone, program it. No one's born a computer scientist, but with a little hard work---and some math and science---just about anyone can become one."

    Please tell us how your school is marking the Hour of Code and offering activities that are part of Computer Science Week. It's not too late to schedule an hour with the students in your school teaching them some of the basics of coding you already know.

    Interim Reports due this Tuesday, December 10

    We are pleased to see that Interim Reports are coming in. Just in case, here is a reminder to the link for posting your report: and click on Submit or Edit your Interim Report. That page also has links to hints for formatting and reminders about checking spelling, etc. Remember that three research references are a requirement.

    For some fun--Whose birthday is it today???

    Go to and enjoy today's Google Doodle. Click on the computers and check out the news. (If you missed it, check out

    Enjoy Computer Science Education Week.
    Betsy, Celia, David and Patty

    Monday Morning Message, December 2, 2013

    Ghost of Comet ISON

    Last week we included a link to Comet ISON that was scheduled to crash into the sun on Thanksgiving Day. Scientists and enthusiasts who were watching the live video from NASA thought at first that the comet might be able to complete its journey around the sun. However all that is left is a ghost's trail. Here is a link from Sky and Telescope that tells the story. You may still be able to see the ghost early in the morning.

    Interim Reports can be uploaded now

    To upload your Interim, go to and click on Submit or Edit your Interim Report. There is a link on that page to Guidelines for Interim Reports, too. They are due on Tuesday, December 10.

    Here is an excerpt from a Proposal Review that Bob Robey, Computational Scientist at Los Alamos and President of the Supercomputing Challenge Board, sent to a team: Include 5 citations for your report with some of the citations from non-internet sources. Bob also recommended the team look in the Challenge archives for projects that might be like what they are working on. (Teams) should study, learn and build from (those) reports and then be sure and credit the parts of their work that you have used. Good science builds from previous work.

    Read the draft of your report out loud and give it to another team or an English teacher to read. Be sure to check spelling. Here is an example of an Interim Report with good content and good formatting.

    Hour of Code and Scratch

    If you want to use Scratch templates for your Hour of Code activities, there is a set of them at the Hour of Code Studio, Also check out Harvard's Graduate School of Education's Hour of Code with Scratch at: This information came from our Scratch guru, Carl Bogardus.

    Verizon Innovative App Challenge

    This is a contest for mid and high school students to write up their ideas for great mobile applications that can improve their communities. One winning school team proposed an app that would help neighborhoods find all of the different kinds of recycling depots in their town. Teams have until December 17, 2013 to submit their app video, essays and all required submission components to the App Challenge website. Students/teams will be able to make changes and save their submission documentation via the contest submission page. This is about innovative and creative ideas and being able to describe the ideas in video and essay format. Later, winners of the App Inventor contest will have access to trainings provided by members of the MIT App Inventor Training Corps.

    Here is a link to info about the contest: And here is a link to the apps of the middle and high school winning teams:


    By now all teams have received reviews of their proposals from scientists. Remember that it is appropriate to send a note thanking him or her for time and help. You can do this by replying to the message you received. If you are unable to write from school, you can ask a teacher to send the message. Be sure you have addressed their comments as you complete your Interim Report. We are looking forward to seeing what you have accomplished since the Kickoff.

    Stay warm! And write to Consult with questions and comments.

    Computationally yours,
    Patty, David, Celia and Betsy

    Monday Morning Message, November 25, 2013

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We have much to be thankful for here at Consult. Our team works together awesomely. We have YOU all over the state. We have an amazing network of volunteers that reaches about 200 throughout the new year. We have super sponsors and board of directors. Here's to the best year ever.

    Comet ISON

    We hope your Thanksgiving will be much calmer that Comet ISON's will be. It is expected to crash in to the Sun on Thursday. Learn more at:

    Interim Reports

    If you need assistance with your interim report, do not hesitate to ask. We are quoting Patty Meyer here, our star proposal reviewer:

    Your work from now until December 10, when Interim Reports are due, is to do your research so you truly understand your problem. Be sure you know what question you are asking and how will you begin to investigate data.
    In your report, you will need to demonstrate what that you made some progress since submitting your proposal, have clarified your question and the variables that effect it. If you haven't started a model, you will need to at least know what agents, and variables will be modeled. This report introduces readers to your topic, reason for its importance and demonstrates your knowledge to this point.

    If you need a mentor, please write to us at Consult1314 at supercomputingchallenge dot org

    Richard Allen

    The Supercomputing Challenge staff and Board of Directors expresses condolences to the family of Dick Allen, past Challenge supporter and Board of Directors member, who passed away last week. He had an influence on how the Expo is currently held and first promoted the use of our Computational Science Process diagram. The Albuquerque Journal has an obituary:

    Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week

    Have you watched any of the Hour of Code videos?
    See them at

    High school Challenge teams should check out the tutorials an see if you could spend an hour with a middle school in your area teaching them about coding and computer science.

    Google Code-in 2013

    The Google Code-in is an online contest designed to introduce pre-university students (13-17 years old) to the world of open source software development. Participants complete "tasks" of their choice from 10 open source software projects (Apertium, BRL-CAD, Copyleft Games Group, Drupal, Haiku, KDE, RTEMS, Sahana Software Foundation, Sugar Labs, and Wikimedia Foundation).

    Learn more at:

    Supercomputingly yours,
    Consult Management Team
    Alphabetically Backwards by First Name
    Patty, David, Celia and Betsy

    Monday Morning Message, November 18, 2013

    22 More Days Left for Interim Reports

    Teams have until December 10th to refine their projects for Interim Report. Each team must submit a report online that describes the project, tells about the progress to date, and states the expected results of the work. Your interim report should be written proof of what you know about your project topic, a clear question and a summary of research into the work that is already done, and a plan (if not already started) of what are the elements of your model.

    You may view previous years' interim reports in the archive.

    Two Minute Video of Challenge Year

    Cash prize! Video shown at the state legislature! Used as a marketing video. Click here for more details. Please let us know if you are getting started on this project.

    Upcoming Deadline for Scholarships and Internships for Seniors

    The Challenge is implementing a summer internship program for graduating seniors. Let us know what kind of internships you would be interested in. Both the scholarship and internship applications will be due in January. Details to come.

    School Visits

    Want a Challenge rep to come out and help you focus your project? Please let Consult know.

    The Magic of Fibonacci Numbers

    Watch a six minute Ted Talk and marvel at the magic!

    In Supercomputing,
    Betsy, Celia, David and Patty

    Monday Morning Message, November 11, 2013

    Happy Monday!

    Have you done sufficient research for your project? Do you have a mentor? Are you having trouble focusing your project? Write to Consult for help with any challenges. We are your academic marathon committee and want to help you cross the finish line.

    Due Dates

    Write to Consult today if you would like to have a November school visit. Someone will come and visit with your team to discuss your project and meet with your teacher and principal.

    Your interim report is due on December 10th.

    Definition of Critical Thinking

    This simple definition defines the Challenge. It is from "Mind in the Making" by Ellen Gallensky. "Critical thinking involves an ongoing search for valid and reliable information along with a decision making process."

    Data and Visualization Tools

    Tom Laub, Sandia National Labs, shares this website that will help you represent your valid and reliable information.

    Two Opportunities

    Interested in helping with the scheduling for next year's Kickoff? Write to Consult.

    Start documenting your Challenge process to create a marketing video. Visit for more info.

    Math is Everywhere Even in Our Entertainment!
    Divide By D'oh! The 'Mathematical Secrets' Of The Simpsons

    Author Simon Singh's new book teases out the mathematical references hidden in The Simpsons. Singh tells NPR's Scott Simon that the show's writing team includes several trained mathematicians --- and that the logical bends and breaks of writing comedy can be very appealing to the mathematically minded.

    Also check out this site

    Pet Peeve

    We are involved in the Supercomputing Challenge. Supercomputing is one word. Though we do think we are "super," we are talking about parallel processing and executing math calculations quickly. So an abbreviation for our program is SC. Brownie points will be awarded to people who remember the one word and the correct abbreviation!

    Supercomputingly yours,
    Patty, David, Celia and Betsy

    Monday Morning Message, November 4, 2013

    110 Teams

    We have 110 teams participating in the Challenge this year. We like to think of ourselves as an academic marathon and we will help you along the way. We want to see 110 teams complete the process and see you all at the Expo and Awards Day.

    November School Visits

    Challenge Representatives will, upon request from students and/or teachers, visit teams at their respective schools to address any issues, answer questions and help focus projects. If it can be arranged, the Challenge representative would like to meet with the Principal or Headmaster.

    Special Programming Opportunity

    • Want to collaborate on a real life need for the Challenge?
    • Have strong math skills?
    • Want to sharpen your programming skills?
    • Want to work with Challenge mentors, Nick Bennett, Stephen Guerin and Drew Einhorn, on the scheduling program for the kickoff next year?
    • Want to learn how to use optimization in NetLogo?

    This special opportunity would result in a good item to place in your college application and resume. Write to consult1314 at supercomputingchallenge dot org if you are interested in this opportunity.

    New Special Award: Video Contest

    Computer Science Teacher Association of New Mexico and the Challenge have a new award. Please visit to see details on this marketing idea.

    Interim Reports Due: Dec. 10th

    The interim report, which should be around 500 words in length, should expand on the information in your proposal. Please note that the interim report may not be a copy of the proposal that you submitted earlier.

    The interim report should include the following information:

    • the definition of the problem,
    • your plan for solving the problem computationally,
    • a description of the progress you have made up to this time,
    • the results you expect to get,
    • and at least three citations of information you have referenced.

    Can Supercomputers Predict the Future? click to find out

    In this age of big data, would it surprise you to learn that supercomputers are on track to predicting wars, revolutions and other societal disruptions? Data scientist Kalev Leetaru is one of the foremost proponents in the emerging field of predictive supercomputing. His research helped usher in the era of "petascale humanities," where computers can identify useful or interesting patterns if provided with sufficiently large data repositories.

    Supercomputingly yours,
    Patty, David, Celia and Betsy

    Monday Morning Message, October 28, 2013


    One hundred and seven teams have submitted proposals!

    Proposal Reviews

    Several volunteers have been recruited to review your proposals and provide you feed back. We hope they can do that in the next two week. After you receive a review, please be polite and respond to the review and it is really smart to follow their advice.

    November Visits

    Please write to Consult if your team would like a visit from someone on the Challenge staff.


    Each team should have mentors for their project. Mentors can help in subject areas or programming areas. See the Mentor resources page at: and try to get mentors. Let Consult know if you don't have a mentor and we'll try to see if we can help you find one.

    Scholarships for Seniors

    There are plans afoot to try to get seniors both scholarships of college and internships for the summer. In order to do that, we need to move the deadline for applying up to early January. Seniors, be thinking about applying for Supercomputing Challenge scholarships and plan to work on that in December and prepare a resume that we can use to try to help you find an internship for next summer. See:

    Interested in Writing Science Fiction?

    "This science fiction competition, open to entrants worldwide between the ages of 13-25, asks participants to explore the kinds of futures we want to work toward together. Entries should be inspired by at least one of six themes: Earth and Beyond, The Future of Food, Smarter/Stronger/Faster, The City of Tomorrow, The Incredible Shrinking Computer, and The Future of Your Mind." Enter for a chance to win one of ten $1,000 prizes. Learn more at:

    UNM Workshop on Data Analysis & Statistics in Student Research Projects

    If you're in the Albuquerque area, take advantage of this Saturday morning workshop, November 23rd, 9:00 am to 11:30 am:

    Teachers: Computer Science Education Week/Hour of Code

    Teachers, don't forget to sign up by this Thursday for the December 9th Computer Science Education Week and participate in the Hour of Code:

    Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty

    Monday Morning Message, October 21, 2013

    Kickoff Feedback

    We welcome your comments on the Kickoff at NM Tech in Socorro. What was good? What wasn't good? What can be done better next year?

    Kickoff Pictures

    Check out the team pictures and some pictures from the weekend at:

    Kickoff Class Material

    We have been posting material that the instructors used on the page:


    So far 94 teams have submitted Proposals: We are still expecting more, so if you haven't gotten yours in yet, do so soon. If you have new ideas and information since the Kickoff, please update your proposals before we start getting volunteers to review them.

    Computer Science Education Week/Hour of Code

    December 9th-15th is Computer Science Education Week and is trying to get 10 million students to experience 1 hour of computer science during that week. The Supercomputing Challenge is encouraging teachers to get involved. See: A three minute description of it is posted at:

    Summer Opportunity

    Amazing opportunity for science-math-loving students 15-19. Spend a week or two in Finland, all expenses paid. Details at:

    Fun Computing Activities for Halloween

    For older students, have them use the computational search engine Wolfram Alpha to find out how many pumpkin pies can be made out the world's largest pumpkin, the mathematics behind pumpkin carving, or the difference in calories and nutrients in snack size and full-size candy bars. Then try to figure out the math used in their candy nutrition widget.

    Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty for Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

    Wednesday Afternoon Message, October 9, 2013

    Your check list for the rest of this week is:

    1. Post your Project Proposal (good job 38 teams!)
    2. Check the housing lists: See Housing, each hotel page has a phone number for the hotel in case that is needed.
    3. Make sure your transportation is organized to get you to New Mexico Tech between 9:30 and noon on Saturday and to get you home after 1:00 on Sunday.
    4. Know what elective you would like to attend on Saturday night:
    5. Be prepared to give your math level and programming experience to the folks handing out track schedules. (Students will be placed in one of 17 different tracks.)
    6. If you need to talk to us on Friday or Saturday or Sunday, cell phone numbers for David and Celia are available from Consult.

    See you Saturday!

    Monday Afternoon Message, October 7, 2013

    Good Day,

    We are excited about all of you on Saturday. You will be representing 90% of our total enrollment. If you need directions, check out:


    Registration will take place in the Fidel Student Union Lobby from 9:30 to noon. Please enter from the west entrance by the post office. Teachers will pick up your name tags at this location. You will receive a t-shirt and a bag from NM Tech.

    You will also receive a schedule for the weekend according to your math and programming levels. You will register for an evening class. Click here to see the vast array of topics, from dodge ball to hacking, from yoga to fractals. You could receive a resource booklet for Web Design or a free MaKey MaKey or an Arduino board.

    Then you will get your individual picture taken for your LANL ID in the spring and a team picture perfect for your yearbook.


    The Tech Admissions Office and Tech students will offer campus tours to help you find all your classes and stroll the beautiful campus and see many resources.


    Most of you will be attending a session called Meet the Scientist. It is a time to focus on your project. All teams attending Kickoff need to submit a proposal online prior to attending. Teams, please bring a hardcopy of this proposal to this session. Remember, proposals are short and concise ~ no more than 250 words.

    Note: Teams must submit their proposals online before the kickoff conference.

    General Schedule

    Registration 9:30 - noon Fidel Student Center
    Lunch 11 - 12:15  in the Cafeteria in Fidel
    Group Picture 12:30 on front steps of Fidel 
    Overview and Keynote 12:45 Macey Auditorium
         Teaming, Mentoring and Communication by guests from University
         of Chicago and Argonne Lab
    Classes 1:45, 2:55,  4:05  There is a ten minute passing period.
         Each group will have a Tech student as their guide, thanks to
         Chris Koch from Tech. The StarLogo and NetLogo students will
         have three hours of programming, data analysis, Meet the Scientist
         and some will have an introduction to Parallel Processing. Students
         with programming experience and in higher math classes, will follow
         a different schedule, including data analysis, parallel processing
         and visualization.
    Pizza Party 5:30 Macey Auditorium
    Epidemiology Keynote 6:45 Macey Auditorium
         Diane Lauderdale, Epidemiologist, University of Chicago,
         Chick Macal, Argonne Lab
    Evening Electives 7:45 - 9 All over campus
    Hotels 9:00
    Lights out 10:30  Act in a manner that would make your parents proud of you
    Breakfast in Hotels 7 - 8
    Classes 8:30, 9:40 and 10:50, including Meet the Scientist session
         with proposals 
    Boxed Lunch 12 - 1 in Fidel Ballroom 
    Lunch time speaker will be Eli Echt-Wilson, La Cueva High,
         Remaining Member of First Place Team, 2012 - 13
    Adios See you in February at a college near you for a face to face
         review and in April in Los Alamos for our Expo, celebrating your work.

    Housing Lists

    Double check the housing lists posted at: and let us know of inaccuracies. We would rather not have to pay for empty rooms, but do want to have a room for everyone.

    Wednesday Morning Message

    There will be another message this week with more information. Got questions? Email consult1314 at

    Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty for Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

    Monday Afternoon Message, September 30, 2013

    Team Number

    We have reordered the Team Registration ID numbers (which started at 1000) into team numbers which are between 1 and 161. You'll see what team you are on when you submit your Proposal. (You can also see team numbers from the Register or Manage Teams page.)


    Work on your Project Proposal and get it submitted before the end of next week and bring a hard copy of it to the Kickoff so you can discuss it with a scientist.

    Team Entry Authorization Forms

    Get the TEAF filled out for each team and sent to the Challenge by the end of the week. (Step 5 of The Challenge can handle Purchase Orders so email Consult1314 if that is the way you need to submit the Supercomputing Challenge registration fees.

    Housing for the Kickoff

    We are working on creating housing lists for the Saturday night stay at hotels in Socorro. Do you have someone coming that hasn't registered? Like Bus drivers or chaperones? If so, please let Consult know (consult1314 at supercomputingchallenge dot org) so that they are included in the housing lists. Check the Kickoff web page in a day or two and look under Housing to see which hotel your school is booked at and make sure the list is accurate for who you think is coming.

    Students will be housed four to a room (when there are two queen sized beds) and teachers two to a room. (So boys, if you need to, bring a sleeping bag to put on top of the beds.)

    Saturday Night Electives

    Take a look at the electives that will be offered for Saturday night at:
    When you register at the Joseph Fidel Student Center at New Mexico Tech on Saturday morning (between 9:00 and 11:15), you will select one of the electives so look over the possibilities and select a few in case your first choice is full.

    Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty for Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

    Monday Morning Message, September 23, 2013


    Over 360 students and 58 teachers have registered to participate in the 2013-2014 Supercomputing Challenge. The list of schools represented has been sent to the t-shirt company so they will be included in the design of the back side of the t-shirt.

    Team Formation

    So far, 71 teams have formed, but there are still 199 registered students that haven't formed teams. Please click on the Register or Manage Teams button on the registration page to organize yourselves onto teams. Early next week we will renumber the team ids into team numbers, which will range from 1 to probably 150, alphabetically based on school names.

    Team Entry Authorization Form/Registration Fee

    Get the TEAF filled out for each team and sent to the Challenge by the end of next week: (Step 5 of

    The registration fee is $40 per student. If you don't have the money, ask your PTA/PTO for support, have a car wash, find local business support, teach students to write a request for funding, check with LANL foundation or other foundations about funding. A limited number of partial scholarships are available as we don't want the registration fee to prevent anyone from participating.


    All teams need to bring a Project Proposal with them to the Kickoff conference for the Meet the Scientist session. Four teams have already posted their proposals. See for details and submit your proposal soon.

    Housing for the Kickoff

    This week we will be creating housing lists for the Saturday night stay at hotels in Socorro. Do you have someone coming that hasn't registered? Like Bus drivers or chaperones? If so, please let Consult know (consult1314 at supercomputingchallenge dot org) so that they are included in the housing lists.

    Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty for Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

    Tuesday Morning Message, September 17, 2013

    Good day,

    A month from now, we will be looking back at our great memories of the 24th annual Supercomputing Challenge Kickoff.

    Here are the blocks of time:
    10-12 Registration, Fidel Student Union - Teachers pick up name tags. You receive a bag, t shirt and schedule which is planned according to your math and programming experience. You get an individual and team picture taken. You think about choosing an evening elective (we'll send out the list of possible electives next week).
    10:15 - 11:30 Voluntary Tour of the Campus - Find tour leader at registration
    11:15-12:30 Lunch in the Cafeteria in Fidel
    12:45 Opening Session in Macey Auditorium Overview by Consult and keynote by our guests from University of Chicago
    1:45-5:05 Classes in programming, data analysis, and parallel processing.
    2:00-4:00 Sign into hotel by teachers
    4:00-5:00 Teacher Chat, MSEC 101
    5:30 Pizza Party, Macey
    6:45 Epidemiology Keynote, Macey Auditorium
    7:45-9:00 Evening Electives. You get to choose one from a baker's dozen from volleyball, sewn circuits to a Star Gazing Party, robotics.
    10:30 Lights out: Please respect others in hotels. Rooming assignments will come after registration closes, September 20th

    7:00-8:00 Breakfast in the hotel, checkout.
    8:30 -11:50 Classes
    Meet the Scientist hour. Come with a hard copy if your project proposal. More programming and data analysis in other classes
    11:50 -12:50 Student keynote, boxed lunch: Fidel ballrooms


    175 students and 31 teachers from 36 schools have registered so far. If your school/students haven't registered yet, please do so by Friday!


    Twenty teams have registered so far. Please go to the Register or Manage Teams link from the registration page: to form teams. Teachers can see what students have registered from their school on the Manage Teams page.


    One team has already submitted their proposal, good job Los Alamos Mid!

    Got questions? Consult1314 at

    Betsy, Celia, David, and Patty for Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

    Tuesday Morning Message, September 10, 2013


    So far 75 students and 16 teachers from 20 schools have registered to participate in the 2013-2014 Supercomputing Challenge. Only seven teams have been formed so please organize the students on to Challenge teams.

    We need to know what schools are participating by September 20th so we can add those names to the Challenge t-shirt, so please register soon.

    Each student will register themselves and each teacher will register themselves. Then the students and/or teachers can register the students on teams. Teachers can "manage" teams from their school, adding students to teams, dropping students from teams, and moving students to different teams.

    Participation fees are $40 per student and $0 for teachers. But, we don't want the participation fee to prevent anyone from participating so if that is a hardship, please let Consult know. The participation fees can be submitted by checks or Purchase Orders, by October 4th.


    Time to work on your proposals:

    Looking forward to seeing you in October.

    Betsy, Celia, David and Patty, for Consult
    Supercomputing Challenge Consulting

    Monday Morning Message, August 26, 2013

    Are you ready for the 24th Annual Supercomputing Challenge?


    Start forming teams to participate in the 24th annual New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge.

    Registration will open on September 1st

    Registration deadline is September 20th.


    Teams need to form and start thinking about their projects and preparing a proposal. See for guidelines.

    Our theme for this year will be epidemiology.

    Kickoff Conference

    The Kickoff Conference will be held October 12-13 in Socorro, New Mexico.


    Please print a flyer to place in your school for advertisement.

    Here is the invite link:

    Future topics

    In future Monday Morning Messages (MMMs), we will be sharing Science Links and Cool topics so if you have found something to share, let Consult know.

    Looking forward to a wonderful year,

    Betsy, Celia, David and Patty representing Consult, the Challenge Management Team
    Supercomputing Challenge Consulting, consult1314 @

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