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Comfort Inn Housing List

Housing Assignments for the Comfort Inn.

Sunday and Monday April 19th and 20th

Room 1, K
Teacher:Eric:Brown:Male:US:School of Dreams Academy

Room 2, DQ
Student:Jose:Montoya:Male:US:School of Dreams Academy:130
Student:Jonathan:Daniels:Male:US:School of Dreams Academy:126
Student:Noah:Gelinas:Male:US:School of Dreams Academy:126
Student:James:Edington:Male:US:School of Dreams Academy:126

Room 3, DQ
Student:Taylor:Torres:Female:US:School of Dreams Academy:125
Student:Paige:Torres:Female:US:School of Dreams Academy:125
Student:Victoria :Troyer:Female:US:School of Dreams Academy:132
Student:Clara :Sims:Female:US:School of Dreams Academy:132

Monday April 20th

Room 4, DQ
Teacher:Thomas J.:Bonzon:Male:US:CREATIVE EDUCATION PREPARATORY institute
Advisor:Wayne:Witzel:Male:US:Saturday Science and Math Academy

Room 5, DQ
Teacher:Laurie:Rowen:Female:US:CREATIVE EDUCATION PREPARATORY institute
Driver:Camille:Parsons:Female:US:CREATIVE EDUCATION PREPARATORY institute

Room 6, DQ
Advisor:Carmela:Bianchi-Walentowski:Female:US:CREATIVE EDUCATION PREPARATORY institute
Student:Francesca:Bianchi:Female:US:CREATIVE EDUCATION PREPARATORY institute:18

Room 7, DQ
Student:Elijah:Prince:Male:US:CREATIVE EDUCATION PREPARATORY institute:18

Room 8, DQ
Teacher:Debra:Johns:Female:US:Saturday Science and Math Academy
Teacher:Sarah:Wozniak:Female:US:Saturday Science and Math Academy

Room 9, KS
Driver:Leia:Washington:Female:US:Saturday Science and Math Academy
Student:Rachel:Washington:Female:US:Saturday Science and Math Academy:124
Student:Simcha:Miller:Female:US:Saturday Science and Math Academy:124

Room 10, KS
Student:Naomi:Rankin:Female:US:Saturday Science and Math Academy:1021
Student:Matuke:Fomukong:Female:US:Saturday Science and Math Academy:1021

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