The Finalists have been chosen


	006	The Study of Numbers		A	Albuquerque Acad
	010	Genetic Workshop		A	Artesia High
	018	Navigation Of a Terrain		A	Calvary Christian
	029	Shakin' & Quakin'		A	Cimarron High
	049	Applications of the Rules of... A	Des Moines High
	051	Reducing the Greenhouse Effe... A	Espanola Valley High
	065	Delaunay Mesh Generation For... A	Highland High
	067	An Analysis of an Alternative...A	Las Cruces High
	073	Modeling Population Changes I...A	Los Lunas High
	101	Parallel Finite Difference...	A	Sandia Prep
	110	One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish...	A	Silver High
	112	The Relationship Between Body...A	Silver High
	121	Wildfire			A	Tularosa High