First place winners: VanAhn Nguyen and AhnThu Nguyen from Highland High School with Kane Denbeste from Gateway2000 along side the 200 megahertz Pentium Pro with MMX that the school receives.

First place winners receiving their $1000.00 savings bonds from John Jenkins, New Mexico Technet, Inc.

AnhThu Nguyen VanAnh Nguyen

Second place winners: Danielle Sanchez, Monica Salazar, and Reuben Pacheco, 166 megahertz Pentium Pro with MMX that Espanola Valley High School receives, Kane Denbeste from Gateway2000.

Honorable Mention Team 006 from Albuquerque Academy: Jon Mandeville, Matt Marple, Alisha Creel, Alan Weckel

Honorable Mention Team 018 from Calvary Christian School: Jim Tracy, Graham Booker with Terry Boulanger from New Mexico Technet, Inc.

Honorable Mention Team 067 from Las Cruces High School: Jonathan Buhacoff, Dustin Byford, and Karen Lam

Honorable Mention Team 101 from Sandia Preparatory High School: Dylan Spaulding, Trent Toulouse, Brandon Cohen, Joe Alexanian III, Kimberly Robinson, and Neil McBeth

Dan Payton, New Mexico Technet, Inc., Amy Beth Boulanger Scholarship winner, Sam Morales from Silver High School, Terry Boulanger, New Mexico Technet, Inc.

Intel $2500.00 Scholarship winner: Michael Lejeune from Clayton High School.

Scholarship winners: Chris Karr from Des Moines, Dorothy Miller from Silver, Julie Stewart from Silver receiving their scholarship letters from John Jenkins, New Mexico Technet, Inc.

For the fifth time in a row, the graphics poster contest winner is from Kirtland Central High School. Team 026, Thaddus Wilkerson, Tyrel Davis, Maggie Pender, Carly Hawkins, and James Karlin.

A close up of the poster.

For the second year in a row, the technical poster contest winner is from Espanola Valley High School. Team 051, Danielle Sanchez, Monica Salazar, and Reuben Pacheco.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Environmental Modeling Award: David Rogers, LANL judge, Charlie Slocomb, CIC Division Acting Director, Penelope Lackey, Elizabeth Gillihan, Samuel Parker, Jennifer McNeel, and Clement Hudson from Tularosa High School

John Jenkins and Paul Nelson, past Challenge participant, current Challenge supporter.

John Jenkins, New Mexico Technet, Inc.

Marilyn Foster, writer of the Challenge Handbook, and John Jenkins.

Some of the judges.

Warren F. (Pete) Miller, Deputy Directory for Science and Technology at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Wanda Dunlop, the password lady, and John Jenkins.