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Appendix C: Team Dynamics

Our team is quite diverse in terms of talents and ability. Our common thread is out interest in Math and our solid high school long friendship. Amber, a new edition to the Challenge is a freshmen only in geometry/Algebra II. Matt and Alisha our juniors are also new to the Challenge and in AP Calculus BC. Alan and Jon are both seniors and have been in the Challenge 4 and 3 years respectively. Alan is in Calculus three and Jon finished AP Calculus BC last year and was unable to continue in math this year.

With this diverse background it was hard for us to come up with a project that was challenging enough for all members and workable and understandable by us. Our Mersenne number project allowed all of our members to work together and finish this project.

It was especially difficult for us to meat on a regular basis as a group. With athletics, jobs, and other extra curricular activities it was almost impossible for us to meet as a team more than one a month. We decided that we would break up the project allowing different team members that could meat to work on the project to completion. Amber worked closely with Alan in learning C++, HTML, and Unix. She also worked on research. Matt worked on applications of prime numbers and on testing performance issues in programming. Alisha worked diligently on research and on the algorithms need to run a factor program. Jon worked on programming and on how to address the issue of precession. Alan worked mostly with programming and trouble shouting code. Alan was able to meet with all the members of the team and thus became the leader because he was able to bring all the information and team members up to date at our monthly meetings.