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I. Executive summary


One of the most computationally demanding applications for a Cray Supercomputer is the creation and factoring of prime numbers. Even with all of the great computational power we have today we still have not found a large quantity of Mersenne prime numbers. Even with the modern emphasis on computational power, we have not been able to isolate more than 35 Mersenne prime numbers in the history of mankind. The initial intent of our project was to create large Mersenne prime numbers and factor them. Due to the limitation of the precision of the Cray, we had to refocus our project to the factorization of smaller Mersenne prime numbers and the ability to generate any Mersenne number.

Our final project is the ability to create any Mersenne number and factor limited size numbers up to 261-1. By using these programs, we are able to test the performance and reliability of the computer systems that we are using.