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Advisors Listing

Team High School Subject Project Title Teacher Phone number E mail address

004 Alamogordo Physics The Effects of Blackholes on Lightwaves Albert Simon 437-2389

057 Espanola Chemistry Atomic Bombs Rick Rieckenberg 753-7357

006 Alb. Academy Bioinformatics Linkage Maps for Genomic Research Jim Mims 828-3200

007 Alb. Academy Physics Survivability of jet engine adjusting solids Jim Mims 828-3200

008 Alb. Academy Behavioral Project Bee Jim Mims 828-3200

011 Aztec Math Approach to Layered Cryptography Tim Pennell 334-9414

012 Aztec Medicine To Tan or Not to Tan Tim Pennell 334-9414

016 Bernalillo Meteorology El Nino and New Mexico Candace Martinez 867-2388

018 Bloomfield Math Geometric Fractal Images and Music Jeff Raichel 376-2241

021 Bloomfield Statistics Is There Time to Duck and Cover (nuclear) Rhonda Maxwell 632-3373

023 Calvary Computer Sci. Hidden Text Within the Bible James Tracy 662-7891

024 Capitan Space Plotting Destinations in Space Rick Bergland 354-9147

025 Capitan Agriculture Feeding America Rick Bergland 354-9147

026 Capitan Psychology Psychological Effects of Music Rick Bergland 354-9147

032 Central High Environmental Smog Busters Peter Conrad 598-5881

035 Cimarron Physics Can Anyone Hear Us? Jeffrey Raloff 376-2241

037 Clayton Botany A New Development in Agriculture Terry Birdwell 374-8191

039 Clayton Earth Science Effects of Lightning upon Plant Life Dale Bennett 374-2596

040 Clovis Computer Sci. Artificial Author Janelle Zamie 769-4350

054 Espanola Aerodynamics G-forces Effect on the Human Body Rick Rieckenberg 753-7357

055 Espanola Chem Eng. Methane Clathrates Rick Rieckenberg 753-7357

056 Espanola Env. Chem. Reduce Pollutants and toxins Rick Rieckenberg 753-7357

058 Espanola Env. Solar Energy Rick Rieckenberg 753-7357

059 Espanola Env. CO2 Emissions Rick Rieckenberg 753-7357

060 Floyd Physics Physics and Roller Coasters David Shires 478-2211
Kenneth Ingram 062 Fort Sumner Comp. Sci. Designing a Cost Effective Network Marj Dailey 355-2231

063 Gallup Physics Liftoff Bart Stanley 863-3821

065 Gallup Comp. Sci. Intelligent Decryption Linda Lomasney 863-3821

070 Las Cruces Comp. Sci. Simulation of the Activity of a Neuron Terry Delzer 524-4771

077 Magdalena Math Congruencies for Pairwise Relatively Prime Brad Wayt 854-2241

078 Manzano Particle Physics Tachyon Particle Simulation Paul Roensch 292-0090

085 Navajo Prep Earth & Space Mars Bars on Mars? James Sharp 326-6571

086 Pecos Chemistry Brownian Motion to Model H2O Pollutants John Drabanski 757-6126

093 Ruidoso Chemistry Operation: " " Joe Avalos 258-4910

094 Ruidoso Comp. Sci. Hal 10000 Joe Avalos 258-4910

105 Silver High Env. Population Effect on S. NM Water Supply Mechelle Taylor 388-1563

106 Socorro Env. Effect of Melting Polar Ice Caps on Oceans Jackie Lacoursiers 835-0700

107 Springer Eng. Aeronau. Improved Rocket Fuel Economy Brenda Smith 483-2436

108 Springer Meteorology Tornado Warning! Brenda Smith 483-2436

109 Thoreau Earth Science Harnessing Nature's Power Laurie Stonebarger 862-7488

024 Bloomfield Earth + Space Prediction of Comets Sarah Walker 632-3189
Tom Seddon, Alan Hale 001 Alamogordo Astrophysics Galaxy Collison Albert Simon
John Ensowrth, Chris Hoppe 002 Alamogordo Earth + Space Probability of Lightning Strikes Albert Simon

Paul Paquette 005 Alamogordo Comp. Sci. Prototype Comp. Locking System Albert Simon

017 Bernalillo Earth + Space The Effects of CFC's Candace Martinez 867-2388
Dr. Rebecca Raichel 019 Bloomfield Veterinary Tracking Spread of Vesicular Stomatitis Jeff Raichel

Andrew Boker 022 Bowker Mech. Eng. Aircraft Design Anne Bowker

Jeffrey Raloff 033 Cimarron Biology Petroleum Prices Rising Fast Dean Bernardone

Dean Bernadone 034 Cimarron Health Will We Make it to the Year 2000?? Jeffrey Raloff

Jim Karlin 030 Central High Env. Sci. Acid Rain: Helpful or Harmful? Janet Clafton

James Karlin 029 Central High Physics More Cost Effective Space Travel Janet Clafton

Alvin Smith 036 Cimarron Microbiology Rabbit Calicivirus Jeffrey Raloff

Sami Shakir, Allan Arsenault 027 Pine Hill Env. Sci. Project Heat Mary Shakir

Jim Karlin 031 Central High Env. Sci. How Much Pollution Needed for Acid Rain Janet Clafton

Terrell Jones 038 Clayton Earth Science Depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer Dale Bennett

Luke Bussanmas 042 Clovis Engineering Bridge Modeling Carl Armstrong

Rudy Mondragon 043 Cuba Env. Sci. Overpopulation of Elk in NM: A Solution Denise Dryzmalski

Chris Bandy 044 Cuba Environmental Erosion Breaking Pipes Denise Dryzmalski

Chris Bandy 045 Cuba Psych. Anal. Learning Primer Denise Dryzmalski

Dr. Karnas 046 Del Norte Mathematics Monte Carlo Calculation of Radiation Intensity Cheri Burch

Roy Hogan, Arlee Smith 047 Del Norte Physics Computer Rendered Wind Tunnel Cheri Burch

Kevin Gant 048 Del Norte Physics How Safe Are We? Pacha Kaye

Dr. Calvert 049 Del Norte Biology Hanatavirus Cheri Burch

Lisa Camp 050 Des Moines Earth + Space Modeling Solar Gravitational Fields Larry Smith

Catherine Brockman 051 Des Moines Physics Determination of Raindrop Velocity, Force of Impac Lisa Camp

Lisa Camp 052 Des Moines Physics Calculating Projectile at Various Distances Larry Smith

Catherine Brockman 053 Des Moines Botany Annual Forage on NE NM ranches Lisa Camp

Mrs. Giglio 064 Gallup Beh. + Social America's Stonehenge: Chaco Canyon Linda Lomasney

Dr. Jonas Salk 066 Goddard Medicine Outbreak Dr. Pam Tipton

Tom McConnell 068 Hatch Engineering Solar Illumination Jenifer LeNoir

Frank Titus 069 Highland Eng./Env. Transport of Contaminants through Water William Glover

Ross Staffeldt, Glendel Love 071 Las Cruces Comp. Sci. Data Encryption Systems Mark Franzak

John Henson 072 Las Cruces Math/Acoustics The Shell from Hell Terry Delzer

James Judd 073 Logan Physics Reflections of Light Andy Lenselink

Tom Laeser 074 Los Alamos Comp. Sci. Parallel Processor Under Fire Al Bouchier

075 Los Lunas Economics Gas Station or Electrical Outlet? Debra Loftin 865-4646
Rick Cole 076 Los Lunas Beh. + Social Evolution: When will we change? Debra Loftin

Paul Roensch 079 Manzano Mathematics Is There a Santa Claus/ Steven Schum

Amando Luna 080 Mosquero Earth science Ring of Fire Janice Green

Amando Luna 081 Mosquero Astronomy When Planets Align Janice Green

Dr. Paul Westphal 082 Navajo Prep Astronomy Blackhole Question James Sharp

Rilla Kramer 083 Navajo Prep Zoology Depiction of fish fossil Suzanne Conrad

Dr. Westphal 084 Navajo Prep Engineering Efficient Space Travel Suzanne Conrad

087 Penasco Env. Sci. Wibble Wobble to and From Arnold Lopez 587-2502
John Kenney 089 Portales Earth + Space Planetary Dynamics Amy Sholtis

Mike Rackler 090 Portales Psychology Sleep Deprivation Amy Sholtis

Dane Lambson 091 Ramah Social Sci. Water Supply Capability of Water Table Mark Gibbons

Dane Lambson 092 Ramah Environment Operation Climate Change Mark Gibbons

095 Ruidoso Super Computing Fingerprint Recognition Joe Avalos 258-4910
Kevin Malloy 096 Sandia Prep Physics Parallel Approaches for Schroedinger's Equation Neil McBeth

Marc Kniskern, Todd Sterk 097 Sandia Prep Aerospace Heat Shield Design of Martian Sample Neil McBeth

Drs. Wohletz, Valentine 098 Santa Fe Prep Geophysics Fire on the Mountain James Taylor

Melanie Mitchell 099 Santa Fe Prep Comp. Sci. A Case of Sharks and Minnows James Taylor

Deborah Waters 100 Shiprock Health Hypertrophied Cardiomyopathy Vernetta Noble

Darren 101 Shiprock Comp. Sci Artificial Intelligence Vernetta Noble

Mr. Espinoza 102 Shiprock Env. Science Air Pollution Vernetta Noble

Mark Wheatley 103 Silver High Astrophysics The Tidal Moon Peggy Larisch

Sam Morales 104 Silver High Beh. + Social 3 A's: Academics, Activities + Athletics Mechelle Taylor

111 Thoreau Ani. Science Effects of Mercury Poisoning on Fish Nancy Gomez

Bruce Parker 112 Tularosa Biology/Genetics Genetic Flaw Introduction Clem Hudson

Roy Lackey 113 Tularosa Physics Space Trax Clem Hudson

N. Carr 114 Tularosa Astronomy/Physics Skyfind Clem Hudson

015 Bernalillo Forestry Forest Fires Candace Martinez 867-2388
Mr. Zamie 041 Clovis Engineering Will Clovis Float Away? J. Zamie

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