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Calvary Christian School

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Computer Scince

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Hidden Text Within the Bible

In 1958 a discovery was made by Rabbi Weissman concerning text that appeared to be hidden within the Bible. First one would remove all of the spaces from the hebrew version of the Bible. The text was hidden with a skip code where one would take one character, skip a certain number, take the next and repeat useing the same skip sequence until the search word was found. Then the letters would be arranges into rows and colums where the number of colums would be the number of letters from one letter in the search word to the next. This would cause the search word to be straight up and down in the arangement. From this point it is simialar to a crossword puzzle. Next one would seach for other words in the "puzzle" assosiated with the search word.

In our project we plan to write a program that would work across several machines in order to find these codes. We would also research other algorithims for hidding text and try them out as well to see if we can get any results. We will try many other texts in order to find out if this phenomenon is unique.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge