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Kirtland Central High School

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Environmental Science

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Acid Rain: Helpful or Harmful

There are many environmetal problems in our earth today. Some can be helpful, while others are harmful. Our project deals with the effects that acid rain has on the earth. Acid rain is caused by sulfuric and nitric acids in the air. These acids mainly come from pollution from factories and cars. In many areas of the world acid rain has become an important environmental issue. In our project we hope to discover some positive effects acid rain may have on the earth and its environment.

Acid rain is commonly known for its negative effects. However, could there also be positive effects? By studying the amount of acid rain in a given area, we can determine whether the negative effects out number the positive. Since the majority of studies on acid rain focus on the negative effects, we hope to find more positive effects. Addition of nitrate to ecosystems deficient in nitrogen can strengthen the biological life. Sulfur is common in the soil in proteins and through a series of transformations, and ends up as sulfates usable by plants. Before conducting our project we have already discovered several positive effects of acid rain.

With assistance from our chemisttry teacher, we plan to determine the amount of acid in the soil by measuring its pH. We will compare soil with a high pH level, and soil with a lower pH level. After we find the pH level of the soil, we will study the effects that the acid rain has on the soil. By finding the positive effects of acid rain, we hope to find ways to better our earth's environment.

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