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Clovis High School

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Computer Science

Project Title:

Artificial Author

The goal of this project is to create a program that is capable of expanding upon an idea. We believe this is a fundamental step toward creating a true Artificial Intelligence. The main focus of our project is to create a program that will change a statement into a different form while keeping the original meaning. The greatest challenge we face will be to create a database that contains the proper word relationships, context relations, usage of scale, and continuity of thoughts. We are exploring several methods of doing this, but we need more information before we start coding. We believe that one possible method for doing this would be assigning numerical values to each word in this program's vocabulary. This necessitates for the sake of time and space that the program's vocabulary is kept simple. To limit the size of the database we plan to avoid usage of topics that are not relevant to the goals of our project. Our expectations of this program must be limited because of the lack of time for the completion of a proper writing program. We expect that this will be an ambitious project, but we believe that our goals will be achieved by the end of the challenge.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge