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Clovis High School

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Will Clovis Float Away?

The Clovis drainage system has some serious flaws. Whenever there is a considerable ammount of rainfall, certain areas and streets of the city are trenched to carry the runoff to catch basins. this method of runnoff control is no longer adequate. New construction is bearing down on the designated catch basins. With the addition of these new constructions, the absorption of rainfall is inhibited. So the runoff ends up staying on the streets longer. After heavy rainfall, the designated catch basins start to overflow and flood residential areas. We intend to study the existing storm runoff system, including routes and capacity. Then to examin the historical rainfall of the area. We would like to produce a program to project the damage potential of a 50-100 year storm. Then run a cost benefit analysis of potential damage as opposed to creating a new storm runoff system or upgrading the existing system. We plan to query the Army Corps of Engineers, The Stat Highway Department, NOAA, as well as local sources. Then we intend to create a program that will model the existing oaranetersm with the potential to modify the system for a variety of situations. The program may also include a cost analysis function.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge