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Cuba High School

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Phsycological Analysis

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Learning Primer

Our project is based in Learning Styles Primer. Our group is trying to find out the different ways that people learn. The program our group will create, will have a test that the user takes. Then when the user is done the program will tell you what kind of learning environment you learn best in. It will tell you what kind of light, temperature, and environment you learn best in. These are examples of how people learn, in different situations and what they're comfortable with.

Many people require absolute silence to concentrate. Other people can in a way block out noise and concentrate. Yet other people can not study in silence. Those sometimes can hear noises that they don't usually hear and that prevents them from studying. Both g of people did well when they're preferences are met.

Some people need a lot of light to study but for other people too much light makes them nervous and unrelaxed. People that prefer a lot of light get sleepy when the lights are dim.

Temperatures are another thing. In the same room students complain about the room being to hot or to cold. When a persons demands are met they will work better.

Some students work better alone than with a group or even with a teacher's help. These students need to be alone to concentrate best. Other students though who are more peer oriented work better with their peers. They will pay attention to their peers more teacher or a parent.

This program will tell each individual person who takes this test all these conditions and more that they work best under .

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge