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Del Norte High School

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Monte Carlo Calculation of Radiation Intensity

We live in a world today in which radiation is a constant problem not only to ourselves as humans but also to the equipment we need to survive. Without radiation shielding, key electronic equipment can be irreversibly damaged. An excllent example of this problem is found on the space station Mir. Much of the damage to Mir was caused by poor radiation shielding of the electronics. Therefore, the problem is not how to do away with radiaiton sources, such as the sun, which we depend on constantly, but how to protect the vital equipmint from harmful radiation. Many materials are known to block, reflect, or absorb radiation. The purpose of this project is to find a method that will effectively calculate the ability of materials, used individually or in layered combinations, to prevent radiation from passing through. To address this problem with experimental means is costly and dangerous. Therefore, the computational ability of super computers will be used to assist us. We paln to create millions of "random walks," or paths through various materials of individual waves of radiation. Next, using the Monte Carlo method the millions of "random wwalks" will be cumulated to create an accurate probability that will calculate the effectiveness of certain materials, individually or in layered combinations, at blocking a particular source of radiation.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge