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Des Moines High

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Determination of Raindrop Velocity and Force of Impact

Our project deals with the falling of a raindrop in different situations. We would like to calculate the velocity and force of impact of a raindrop that is falling from certain altitudes, and consider other variables that can be manipulated.

The constant in our project is gravity. Gravity is unchanged and therefore exerts the same force in all scenarios. However, the heavier the object is, the greater the gravitational force. Consequently pulling a heavier object harder than a smaller, lighter ogject. The size of the raindrop is the basis of our project.

All raindrops are not the same size. At higher temperatures the weight or density of the raindrops increase. We want to compose a program that calculates the raindrops mass when given a certain temperature. Then use the mass produced to calculate the velocity at any given altitude. After these amounts are calculated, we are then able to determine the force of impact of that single raindrop.

This is a project that we would like to expand on throughout the year. There are many more variables, such as wind speed that we want to incorporate into our programming. This variable would directly effect the velocity of a raindrop, and may even change its weight. We are looking forward to finishing the first few steps in our project, and then looking in new directions to improve upon the idea.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge