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Fort Sumner High School

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Designing a Cost Effective Network

Eight buildings need to be wired for the most efficient use of phone lines to allow internet access where needed. Special areas to be addressed would be quality graphics in specific locations with the capability of overall shared software throughout the district.

Determine the location and type of computer hardware in each building to be included in the networking project. A diagram of each building with hardware placement will be completed. Distances between and dimensions of each building will be measured and documented.

Use of the Supercomputer will allow a guide analysis of types of wiring as well as wire lenghth to determine optimium location of servers for the various areas. Code will be written giving weight to expense, quality of transmission along the line, and types of modems necessary. The computer calculations must be checked for accuracy and reliability.

The computer will help determine the most efficient location for the servers. High quality lines will be run to the specific locations needing high quality graphics. Other lines will still have graphic capability, yet slower access. District-wide communication will be the result of this global networking plan.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge