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Gallup High School

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America's Stonehenge a study of Chaco Canyon

The purpose of this project is to learn more about our past relating to Chaco Canyon. We think that it is important to learn about the history of such a famous landmark. Some have said it is like America's Stonehenge. Our team wants to know how long it will take for the main building called Pueblo Bonito to deteriorate. Pueblo Bonito is a huge D-shaped structure that resembles a type of apartment complex. This structure is said to have housed no less than five thousand people. The roofs have already fallen and worn away but the great walls still stand.

We want to start by researching as much information as we can about the people and the buildings. Then we want to get information on exactly what the bricks are made of and what the existing rate of decay is. We need to know how much water gets into the cracks around the bricks, and how much the expanding of frozen water affects the bricks. Predicted weather patterns for the future in comparison to our statistical data obtained. We need an internet connection at our school to obtain more information, and an Archaeologist to advise us. Once we have everything we will start searching for existing code or writing our own.

By learning about Chaco Canyon we could preserve other important buildings. If we know what kind of materials to use and not to use, we can make better buildings that will last longer. By preserving our past we can enhance our future.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge