Team Number:

Team 072

School Name:

Las Cruces High School

Area of Science:

Math and Acoustics

Project Title:

The Shell from Hell

The goal of this team is to answer the question: How should a speaker casing be designed to obtain the most effective sound projection? We intend to write a program that will ask the user for the required variables: Level of sound (power intake and decibil level), angle of distribution, size of the actual speaker components (woofers, tweeters), and the requested distance and direction for the sound to travel. All calculations will intially be performed assuming that the speaker is placed in a open field or a square room. This is done so that we have constant variables that will allow us to "test" our program. We will know that the program works when the speaker is tested. To test the program we will make it run backwards, that is give it the dimentions of a speaker and allow it to specify the projection of the sound produced by the speaker. If the answer returned by the program matches the data gather through field tests on the speaker we will know that our program is correct.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge

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