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Los Lunas High School

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Behavioral and social science

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Evolution: When will we change?

Our team has chose to focus our project on evolution. We are going to try to predict the year in which the next stage will begin. We know the process of human evolution has already began and we will need to research even more information on the topic. We realize that this problem is going to be tremendously difficult to solve. We have faith and determination to finish.

To write a program for this problem, we are going to research specific species and when they first appeared on earth. From there we will input the number, in years, between the species to find ou the year when humans will evolve.

This is putting it into simple terms. There are many variables in which we will have to take into account. Such as species that have evolved but have not been documented to have happened. Also the factor of chance and luck of those species that have happened to evolve by chance. We will have to incorporate a chaos variable. This will better improve the approximated time of evolution.

We realize that humans, as well as every other life form, is made up of energy. We believe that when human, as a whole, vibrate their energy to such a high level then we will evolve in the next stage of evolution. This is the key to our project. This energy level thoery is different than other theories. TYhis will help us to solve our problem. We need supercomputers, offered by the challenge, to help solve our problem.

This a very touchy subject. We realize that we are going to disturb many people's belief's in >God and evolution. Our purpose is not to criticize and we hope that we will not be criticized by others because of our topic choice.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge