Team Number:

Team #080

School Name:

Mosquero High School

Area of Science:

Earth Science

Project Title:

"Ring of Fire"

By studying past eruptions of the system of volcanoes surrounding the Pacific Ocean known as the "Ring of Fire" it may be possible to recognize a pattern in the intervals between eruptions. After determining the pattern if there is one, it may be possible to estimate how long it will be before the next volcano erupts and which volcano in the ring it will be.

Knowing more or less when the next volcano will take place and where it will happen can be useful in many ways. For the most, when people know ahead of time that a volcano near their home is on the verge of eruption, they may flee saving a lot of their property, their lives and even so, the lives of others.

The first thing we plan to do is look up records of past eruptions. When we study and analyze the records we will lood for two types of patterns: a constant pattern in the intervals between eruptions and if the eruptions of the different volcanoes fo in a sequence.

With careful analysis it may be possible to recognize and become familiar with the Ring of Fire and the eruptions within its systems.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge