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Navajo Preparatory School

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Earth and Space SCIECE

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Mars Bars on Mars??

Mars is a planet very much like Earth. It is reltively close to the Earth. It has polar ice caps which means there is water on the planet. There are several sources which indicate that there used to be (or may be ) life forms on the planet. Mars has a tiny bit of atmosphere which has some gases on it associated with life forms. " The Red Planet" has much iron (ferrous oxide) which makes it a very heavy planet, heavier than Earth. The iron on Mars might be mineable, which could make an economic difference for earthlings.

Humans need space to live,oxygen,carbion dioxide,nitrogen, and lots of minerals which exits on Earth as well as Mars. Humans need conditions in which would help grow plants and raise animals for food. Humans need water (polar ice caps?) in order to survive. Humns need shelter. These sre their basic physiological needs.

The Earth is getting too crowded; the popluation is explodin. There is less land to grow crops,for waste disposel, or for other nesescary spieces to survive perhaps on Mars.

We would like to find out, if it would be possible for humans to live on Mars. We would like to use the Super Computer to program a model to see if it is possible to survive on Mars.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge