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Shiprock High School

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Computer Science

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Artificial Intellgence

Under Artificial Intellgence, the problem is developing the ability to preform skills and fuctions that characterize human thought anf the possibiliuty of seveloping such artifact.

The significance of AI is the growth of modern science, and the search for AI has taken two primary directions: Psychological and physiological research into the nature of human to human thought and technological development of increasingly sophisticated computing systems. The term AI has been applyed to computer systems and programs capable of preforming tasks more complex that straaightforward programing, although still from the realm of human of actural thought. Major fields of research in this area information processing, pattern recognition, gaming-playing computers and applied fields such as medical diagosis. Current research in infomation processing deals with programs that enable a computer to comprehend written or spoken infomation, and to produce summaries, answer specfic questions, or to redistribute information to users interested in specific areas of this information. Essential to such programs in the ability of the system to generate grammatirally correct sentances and to establish linkages between words, ideas, and assications with other ideas. Research has shown that whereas the logic of lauguage structure-its syntax-submits to programing, the problem of meanings, or semantics, lies far deeper, in the direction of true AI.

Our plan of actions is to research and develop AI through an eductional institution such as a high school and university. Procedures required to achive an understanding of the field of AI; one needs several sessions at an educational instition with qualifications on this subject.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge