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Thoreau High

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Harnessing Natures Power

Because of our diminishing amount of fossil fuels we have need to find a new sorce of energy. Because of saftey, health, and byproducts we have decided that nuclear fission is not an expectable source of energy until scientists perfect it. Nuclear fusion although safer than fission is not acceptable because the energy input is less than the output. We also have not built a reactor that can withstand heat produced by the powerful fusion reaction. We think thta lightning would be an aceptable source of energy if we could harness it. However, because of the unpredictablility of nature we need to vreate a synthetic lightning bolt. We believe that a manmade lightning bolt is possible in a contolled environment. Our program will attempt to demonstrate how to harness lightning and how to put it into use.

In addition to the basic economic value of this project, it also may benifit the cause of the national defense. With such a device, we will avoid several deaths, short out electrical systems, and minimize caualties. With the superior range of a lightning bolt, we can neutralize several targets from a safe distance.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge