Congratulations to the following finalists
Number     School            Title of Final Report

007     Alb Academy     Factoring Gaussian Integers
008     Alb Academy     AI Evolution 
011     Aztec           A Mathematical Approach to Cryptography
044     Cuba            The Tragedy of the Cuba Water System
046     Del Norte       Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiation Intensity
055     Espanola        Methane Clathrates Beneath the Ocean Sediment
069     Highland        Contaminant Transport Through Water
070     Las Cruces      An Analysis of Neural Structure
071     Las Cruces      A Unique Method of Data Embedding
074     Los Alamos      Parallel Processor Under Fire
086     Pecos           Dispersion of Pollutants in Water
089     Portales        Planetary Dynamics
096     Sandia Prep     Parallel Solutions to Schroedinger's Equation
097     Sandia Prep     Mars Reentry Probe Design Optimization