Final Reports for Category A
Number     School            Title of Final Report

006     Alb Academy     Computational Bioinformatics:  Parallelization a CRI-MAP
007     Alb Academy     Factoring Gaussian Integers
008     Alb Academy     AI Evolution 
011     Aztec           A Mathematical Approach to Cryptography
018     Bloomfield      Fractal Images from Music
020     Bloomfield      Cosmic Collisions
023     Calvary Christian Hidden Text Within the Bible
029     Central         Zoom To a More Efficient and Environmentally Safe Fuel Source
033     Cimarron        Petro Predictions
037     Clayton         A New Development for Agriculture
038     Clayton         Ogallala Aquifer
039     Clayton         The Effect of Ozone Upon Plant Life
041     Clovis          Will Clovis Float Away?
042     Clovis          Bridge Modeling
043     Cuba            A Possible Solution to the Over Population of Elk in New Mexico
044     Cuba            The Tragedy of the Cuba Water System
045     Cuba            Learning Styles
046     Del Norte       Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiation Intensity
048     Del Norte       How Safe Are We?
049     Del Norte       Mighty Mouse Hantavirus
050     Des Moines      Modeling Gravitational Fields
053     Des Moines      Balancing Annual Forage Supply and Demand
055     Espanola        Methane Clathrates Beneath the Ocean Sediment
063     Gallup          Liftoff!
069     Highland        Contaminant Transport Through Water
070     Las Cruces      An Analysis of Neural Structure
071     Las Cruces      A Unique Method of Data Embedding
074     Los Alamos      Parallel Processor Under Fire
077     Magdelana       Congruences for Pairwise Relatively Prime Triples
086     Pecos           Dispersion of Pollutants in Water
089     Portales        Planetary Dynamics
093     Ruidoso         Snowflakes
094     Ruidoso         Space Station Control
095     Ruidoso         Magic Fingerprints
096     Sandia Prep     Parallel Solutions to Schroedinger's Equation
097     Sandia Prep     Mars Reentry Probe Design Optimization
098     Santa Fe Prep   Fire on the Mountain
099     Santa Fe Prep   A Case of Sharks and Minnows
103     Silver          The Tidal Moon
105     Silver          Mathematically Modeling the "DIP" in a Confined
                          Aquifer Caused by a Well Withdraw
112     Tularosa        Predicting the Rate of Spread of Treachers Collins
                          in a Fixed Population
113     Tularosa        Space Trax
115     Tularosa        Mechanical Engineering


Noncompetitive final reports for the Supercomputing Challenge

These teams can continue working on these problems
for next year or feel some closure for this year.

Team Number  School          Title

017          Bernalillo      Melting Polar Icecaps
021          Bloomfield      Graphing Nuclear Fallout
032          Central         Smog Reduction
035          Cimarron        Is Anyone Out There?
047          Del Norte       Computer Rendered Wind Tunnel
052          Des Moines      Gun Ballistics
073          Logan           Ute Lake Floods
107          Springer        Improved Rocket Fuel Economy
109          Thoreau         Harnessing the Power of Nature
114          Tularosa        Skyfind