The use of frames is quite effective for the most part.  Problems occur when
the "The Code" link is clicked -- the content stays in the left frame.  A
different choice of background textures would improve readability.


Nice use of color, fun graphics (although one with a spelling error).  The
organization makes it a little difficult to find the scientific/program
content.  Breaking the final report into separate pages, or providing
relative anchor links at the top of the final report page may have improved


Good job with the animation on the top-level final report page; it sets the
tone visually for the project. Nice clear, simple layout & organization.
The white & gray text and links on a darker gray background impair
readability a bit.  White links would be indistinguishable from white text
if the "underline links" feature was disabled in the browser.  Liked the
rainbow colors! 


We weren't able to get to this one.  The final report link simply reloads
the green page...  

Team 63:
        This is an attractive, well-designed site with effective use of
background images, frames and Javascript. The entry page is eye-catching
and nicely laid out, with the working link rollovers a fine touch. Use of a
dark background is appropriate for the content and not overly distracting.
frame-based navigation is implemented correctly and works well. On the
downside, the content pages could be more graphical, and for the longer
ones, broken up into columns to aid in reading the long lines of text.
Also, its difficult to find information about the project's team members
and where they were from. But all-in-all, an excellent effort.

Team 89:
        This site is ambitious in its web interface but makes the too
common error of having fancy features that distract from the basic content.
It does tackle some tricky HTML issues, such as frames/no frames versions
and Javascript accessories. The frames version has a good, basic navigation
bar that works well. The extra frames, a clock and a banner ad, seem
unneccesary in this context. Good mailto: refernces are provided and nice
graphics for the formula content. For the noframes version, the long
stringing together of all the frames content is not very effective, and a
little odd, since frame pages themselves are simple to link into a no
frames version.

Team 112:
        This site has good basic navigation and layout but suffers from
serious problems in its use of frames. Some problems seemed to occur with
the attempt to make a frames/no version, leading to an odd mixture of the
two. The frameless content should go between a   and 
tag pair, followed at the end by the  tag. Of course, setting up
frames correctly can be a tricky task even for an experienced HTML
developer. The inclusion of the long header information on each content
page makes it difficult to get to the content (and the additional link to
the final report causes a repeating frames effect). The background image is
nice and unobtrusive.

And the recommendation for the winner:


A visually bold site that is very content-rich!  The distinctive graphics
for category buttons and headers (although just a tad too obtrusive at
times...) easily guide the visitor through every section of the project. The
site also uses graphics very effectively for content illustration.  Overall,
a strong use of web technology for scientific presentation.

Team 70:
        Clean, effective site with good use of graphics and navigational
links. The presentation is appropriate for the content, and the information
is well laid out, including links at the bottom of the pages. The use of
frames for the left-hand side navigation would be an improvement, but
overall the content is well presented and the site complete. An excellent