Interim Report

Team Number: 008
School Name: Albuquerque Academy
Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Studies
Project Title: Project for Increaced Funding Through Bees
Project Abstract: http://mode.lanl.k12.nm.us/97.98/abstracts/abstract.html
Interim Report: http://mode.lanl.k12.nm.us/97.98/interims/008.html
Final Report: http://mode.lanl.k12.nm.us/97.98/finalreports/008/finalreport.html

Our problem consists of trying to create AI Tron routines that evolve. This involves the game of Tron. The game consists of a grid and light cycles that move about the grid. As the light cycles move about the grid, they leave behind a light trail. If a light cycle runs into a light trail or into the edge of the playing field, it dies and its light trail is immediately destroyed. If two light cycles collide head on, they are both destroyed. The winner is the last light cycle left on the grid.

To accomplish this, we will take a number of basic AI routines that have certain traits. As they live and die, the program will combine the best traits into a single routine, eventually, the routine will be good. We need the supercomputer because we intend to run millions of trials so as to evolve as much as possible, so we need a fast computer. So far, we have written the basic tron code that will define the grid and the light cycles. We have also programmed simple AI routines. The program uses text on the screen to show the light cycle trails. Each light cycle is represented by a number. The code has been designed so that we can increase the size of the grid to any dimension, and add as many light cycles as we like.

We expect to first see very diverse light cycles from the initial combinations. As they change, they will become more refined, and start to change slower. We expect the routine to evolve to near perfection.

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New Mexico High School Supercomputing Challenge