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Team Number:  25
School Name:  Capitan High School 
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Team 25 Interim Report

 The educational valueobtained from the research of this project encompassed a global perspective of knowledge.  We did not only learn about beef cattle, we learned the qudeity of beef, and the nunteritional values of feeds.
 Other than our obvious goal of writing and formulating a computer program to calculate the rate of gain.  We would also like to encourage the American public to consume more beef.  beef is not only highly nutritional, providing a vast amount of protein, but it is also a meat not containing caproric acid.  Caproric acid is a leading cause of coronary heart disease.  Stearic acid also in beef lowers colesterol and blood  pressure.  Does this mean beef is actully good for you or are we a society living in the pretenses of the past.
 Beef cattle also provide income for many New Mexican citizens.  Ranchers, feed lot owners, ranch hands , and feed suppliers, and health professional all rely on beef cattle and the production of them. It the beef cattle industry was nnot part of the New Mexican economy, how would these indvidual support themselves and their famlies?
 US beef consumption has continued to grow. there was a slight slump in 1973 which did have an affect on the beef industry but it still tops the chart in America's most purchased rec meat.
 In relationship to our project the beef industry is a major part due to the fact the prgram would not be necessary if beef wasn't a large empire in the United States.
 Our research has also lead us to discover a common forula for solving the question, "how much has calf A, gained over the course of X amount of days?"  The program  will have areas for the imput of current weight of a given subject and number of days the subject has been fed.
 Another benefit from the creation of this project individuals will be able to sucessfully calculate how long it will take an animal to rech a certain wight.  To do this divial the desired weight, by the current ratre of gain.  Of course this will all hinge onthe concept the individaul will not be exposed to diesease or illness.
 other than the appeicable knowlege gained through our research we have also been aborted the wonderful and ever-amazing relities from being moved with such a worth while project.
 the supercomputing challenge has given us an opportunity to broaden our horizons and rech out to embrace a new era in tecnology.  this will allow us to succeed in becoming productive individuals in a rapid moving socity we appreciate this  opportunity participation provides and cannot wait to future our pre-professiional knoiwledge of this degree pertaining to this subject.
 In closing we would like to say our research has been beneficial and detremental to the earning learning process.  Our research has broadened our horizons and will lead to a better tomorrow for all agriculturist current and future.  We also owe the SCC a huge dept of gratitude for this opportunity.  therefore we salute the challenge fro such a wonderufl and exciting educational program allowing us to grasp the brase ring of succes.

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New Mexico High School Super computing Challenge